Beautiful can batteries of camera of Ixus I Zoom charges problem

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giant salamander
Asked at 2012-04-17 02:18:41
Just bought beautiful can Ixus I zoom camera , for example to load the operating time is 90 minutes, but before saying counterjumper says 3 secondary to complete 12 hours earlier, had twice differred big worry again load time is too long bad batteries , time to be filled ? Former suit batteries Homebred ( GJT ) the first charge is at the same time? He bought two days, the new battery does not have the report number , tried a few pieces that do not have the report because they do not understand that they had become so, ask a teacher to instruct ! ! Still have , just buy the ski field of lead, children can be influential in front of the machine and specification say should be extended on protection.
Answer1YolandaAnswered at 2012-04-17 02:21:53
School official says the charge time is 90 minutes might be misreaded , should be the use of time of 90 minutes, because the member who wants to sell the ginseng of the sale to taste more , said a normal time 12 hours more conservative , but the batteries have Hehou Bao charger now has a pattern generally safe, be full of moments to cut off power automatically Homebred the amount can not change over time old clothing ,
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