9 great details in winter decoration

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9 great detail in the decoration of winter
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Cold weather, many homeowners coming to the consultation on the issue in the winter decoration, renovation of traditional wisdom is that winter is not easy because there are many reasons for the trouble, for example, dry weather and poor ventilation of dust, and heavy that caused the problem by a special season for people feared to affect the construction quality of the decoration in winter, at the end of winter decoration is appropriate? What are the precautions? How to be adequate? Product Home improvement company in advance for you to consider these issues in detail to ensure the quality of the construction of the top ten. First, in order to ensure a constant ventilation and a quick release poisonous gas in the ventilation of winter decoration of at least seven days after over a large number of furniture, carpets, fabrics put in the room, ventilation should be vacated after a few days stay, avoid the high concentration of hazardous volatile substances, pollution of the environment, all furniture must be open for a few days after the vacancy to put the clothes hanging. 2, room ventilation should be taken to a large window to the south, the north side of the small vent windows, a reasonable amount of control the interior temperature and ventilation should not be a strong ventilation. 3, may be a kitchen fan exhaust properly open kitchen smoke machine to enhance the amount of internal ventilation. 4, for the humidification of indoor air humidifier, heating in the house can also be used to place water containers, and other methods of humidification to keep indoor air moist. 5, as far as possible to the surface active agent as the main component of the cleaning solution and wipe clean the inside signs do not use highly volatile solvents such as gasoline, alcohol and so on. 6, the wood floor waxing once every week or every two weeks, the day should not be frequent waxing can be cleaned with a soft damp Butuo. 7, green indoor plants placed correctly. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 Next (total of 6 pages)
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