Clothing store business skills of close customer

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Entrepreneurial skills clothing store about customers
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Close to the customer service section. Close to customers is an important step in the sales, but also a highly skilled work. Well done in this area, not only to reduce the psychological distance to customers, but also to facilitate transactions as quickly as possible, on the other hand, did not open it scares consumers. Here I would like to share some of the basic skills of close to customers, "three meters principle" means that the client, there are three feet away from your time and your customers can say hello, smile, contact with eyes. If you have not noticed this, and ignore customers, resulting in the loss of 3 business day if the average of 300 yuan, and then reached over 320,000 annually. So I hope you all shopping guide, you can take the initiative and greeting customers. Shopping Guide is now I have found many people like to use "Please take a look at" instead of "Welcome." Little do they know this, "Please make yourself comfortable," just give the customer a welcome speech instilled a "look left" unconscious. Analogy to discuss the role of the unconscious in human psychology. In the morning, on waking, tell yourself "Today I feel good, I'm a happy person, then it may have been a happy day. This is a reflection on the role of the human subconscious. So, if used for the client said: "Please take a look" immediately correct your statement. I think we have the experience, sometimes in the store or mall, which met with some enthusiastic buying guide, who are far will welcome when you go against him, he is lagging behind and refused to leave, and began to chat about their clothing to be. that the customer is to have a relaxed shopping environment for viewing and selection of freedom, regardless of the indiscriminate introduction to the contrary, we feel an invisible pressure as soon as possible, "away". So we should not "not too enthusiastic. "Close to the customer the best time to give customers the freedom to choose products that do not mean to ignore the customer, turning a blind eye, the key is that you need to keep a suitable distance from the client, with the eyes to track customers, customer observation. Once the time, flew to attack. So the best time: one. When customers are seeking an item (expressed interest) II. when customers stopped soon (see the first sight that the "she") III. When the client looked carefully for an article (that there is a demand to buy one) IV. When customers look for the wash water mark, label and price (which has an interest, we know the brand, price, product composition) of five years. When customers look at products and look around (which is seeking the help of the shopping guide) VI. When the client to ask questions (that customers need help or description) to grasp the principle, found the right opportunity, then the next step is how we get closer to customers to facilitate transactions. a question For example, about the method. Hello , how I can help? this dress is for you! How big is it? eyes, this is my final list of products. Second, the description is about the law in an article that the client was interested in the product front. Products: The Rule of the BAF, not saying that the FBI discarded 1.FEATURE characteristics (brand, style, fabric, color) 2.ADVANTANGE benefits (generous, dignified fashion) benefits 3 . BENEFIT (comfort, absorbent, cool) Interactive Session: Introduction same clothes, enter their mobile phones (Article FAB) Note: This method does not seek feedback from customers. If the person answered "no" or "problems" will result in an embarrassing situation. Third, the praise about the law that is "praise" the way the client looks, temperament, praise, etc, close to customers. For example, the package is very particular, where to buy? the spirit of true today. children, always nice! (Customer children) says a few comments to three hot, good things do not want to hear. Generally, the praise correctly, customers are generally friendly and willing to communicate with you. Fourth, the Model Law by use of the product for product demonstrations show the effectiveness, along with some language introduced to help customers understand the products the products of knowledge. The best model is to allow customers to test. The data show that 68% of customers after trying to cope. treat Notes: 1. take the initiative to solve the customers treat the buttons clothing, zippers, shoes and so on. 2. guide customers to wait outside the fitting room 3 .. When the client out of the locker room to the finish. 4 results try to be honest .. assessment may be a slight exaggeration speech, praising. No matter how close to customers and introduce products and Shopping Guide in mind the following: a. the client's face and reaction, how the wind blows. II. questions to be careful not to refer to personal privacy. III. distance communication with the client, not too close and not too far. the right of a meter is about five years, which usually refers to social distance.
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