Footwear English - Material related questions

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Footwear English - Material1swan2012-04-16 01:08:55
English Shoes - Material
Footwear English - Cutting1 Kefir -2012-03-03 05:15:51
English Shoes - Court
Footwear English - Color1copperhead2012-05-22 22:56:02
English Shoes - Color
English abbreviations used textile (a) Material abbreviation1Bhutan2012-01-26 20:39:51
Abbreviations used English textile ( a) short of materials
Photon is what kind of material? Why is it not by the material composition?1Queenie2012-03-29 00:56:05
The photon is what kind of material? Why is not the composition of matter?
I Upgraded, but particularly poor English! How can learn faster? English learning machine useful? Easy to remember like it!1Joseph2012-03-27 21:09:21
I upgraded , but particularly the poor English! How can you learn faster ? Machine learning English useful? Easy to remember like it!
Is the southern drawl bad English?What about English in Boston?2hast2012-11-04 11:17:02
The southerners brought slaves at ( which incidentally did not speak English ) and then forbid them to learn the language. And they spoke words like giiiiirrrrrll , which is really small, but it sounded like the gull in the ear slave. For years this was the language of communication between slaves as banks still close on Wednesday at noon (the official date and time of the slave trade ) in the south. The language of the slaves because of the tradition continues and this will be hard to break tradition . So next time you hear someone in the south say the word dawg remember this is a descendant of those who unwittingly taught Ebonics slaves. So I ask again, is English a bad southern accent ?
Jiang-type footwear Co., Ltd.1Queenie2012-05-27 23:48:22
Jiang footwear Xinfeng located in the city , Zhenjiang city. Professional production: shoe head nurse shoes - safety shoes - men and women of goods - technical skills - guaranteed quality ! And the year to practice operations of leather processing. Welcome everyone to join for cooperation! Contact Information Company Name : Jiang- type shoes Co. , Ltd. Contact: Mr. Jiang Rongshun Tel : 0511-83321010 Mobile: 13912807635 Fax: 86-0511-83321010 E -mail : Website [email protected] Address: Xinfeng Town , Zhenjiang , Jiangsu Zip: 212141
Footwear brands in the market to break1DeDe Al 2012-10-23 01:23:03
Footwear brands in the market to break
How do I find Suppliers for ladies footwear1In need of help2012-08-11 18:46:39
Looking for reliable suppliers for ladies sexy sandals and footwear
Footwear brands in the market to break0fishycakes2012-07-11 14:24:01
Footwear brands in the market to break
How do I find bycast leather footwear?0Trenet2012-07-10 10:49:01
we ues in shoes upper

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