Guangzhou street stores cartoon character

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Custom Designs Guangzhou street shops attract different people the Church, originated from friends a happy day celebration of a VIP card, the Church of different people to look at the card, not inside read: "If you lose or forget their keys the card can be used to open the door "," VIP room, where the different people present your card to the bank to withdraw cash in the present "," This card can not be reviewed and, if found , beheaded at once, "and therefore some people really do not think the instructions are said to be very welcome by the students near the school, became classmates brag about. To open a boutique of friends, said that in his shop before, but different people have gone to church secretly refer to the reference. At the end is what makes the Church a number of different people with the operators of the charming church, students, OL and other sought after goal in older children and cartoon fans and collectors to dig the treasure? Over the years a strong position in the minds of customers, from the owner of a unique advantage, accurate vision. Many Japanese original cartoon, plus Hong Kong, different people in the Church can be found. It also operates the only purchase a limited edition doll is also dedicated to the domestic production of the "routine" so no matter what purpose you have in your hands, where you can find things. $ 2.3 million for a small sticker to 559 yuan per HELLO KITTY CD machine, many hundreds of species. Of course, domestic and imported, prices may vary. Collectors cartoon dolls are a lot of searching here to complete their collections. Ms. Liu said the boss, for some time, there are fans here bought a digital pen large gold commemorative ding, birthday gift given to her pen.
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Small trash can, just over palm sized , put it on the computer next to the OL , throwing small pieces of trash have less to deal not only convenient , but still very health . Sections of the wrist hanging small, in the case made ​​in China, the price is only 10 yuan , from time to time to change the new key , but also nice humasi This post has been edited on 18/01/2007 09: 43: 48
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