Purchase and maintenance of solid wood furniture

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Acquisition and maintenance of wooden furniture
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Solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture is pure, which means that all materials are natural materials in their natural state, without any furniture wooden boards. Links: solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture buying Raiders have several forms of the same? One is the pure solid wood furniture. It means that all wooden furniture is solid wood, including the desk, cabinet door, solid wood Dengjun pure side, do not use any other form of wooden boards. Solid wood furniture, technology and material requirements above. The selection of solid wood, drying, finger mosaic, and other requirements are very strict. What is the procedure if strict, small cracks appeared, combined with the loosening of the phenomenon of the large deformation of the package of furniture, as well as unavailable. The other is the solid wood furniture imitation. The call imitation wood furniture, solid wood furniture in appearance, natural wood texture, color and feel and solid wood furniture are exactly the same, but the mix is ​​really solid wood furniture and wood panels, which the top, bottom, shelves and veneer other components with fiberboard sheets MDF or particleboard. Doors and drawers are solid wood. This process keeps the wood, while reducing costs. An imitation wood bedroom furniture prices should be around a few thousand dollars, and all solid wood furniture, at least 1 million yuan, and now on behalf of the market in order to imitate a lot of price asking inflated, consumers can price differential, we must understand that the wood Caixing identification method. Commonly used solid wood furniture, wood ash, elm Northeast willow eucalyptus, camphor wood, birch and lime, wood colors, teak, beech, cherry, sandalwood, cedar, yew, pine, oak, yellow pineapple, walnut, superba, rosewood, mahogany, neem, cedar, wild jujube and so on. Solid wood furniture usually can see the surface texture of real wood, simple and calm, with a tangle of tree occasionally also reflects the fresh and natural surface materials, both natural, not chemical pollution , solid wood furniture is not only a healthy way, is a respect for the nature of the modern city, people prefer furniture. Buy solid wood furniture, look at the ten aspects: First, check to determine whether it is solid wood furniture, solid wood, is a mystery: wood and knots. As a door you see is a pattern, then the corresponding change in the location of this pattern in the back door to see a corresponding pattern, if the well is for pure solid wood doors. Also see the section scar is also a good way to identify the wood, optimistic about the location of the scarred face, and then the other side to know if there is a corresponding pattern. Second, determine which species is a direct impact on price and quality factors. Ordinary solid wood, usually beech, white oak, ash, elm, catalpa wood, rubber wood, oak, mahogany and rosewood estate, primarily, chicken wing wood , rosewood. Market solid wood furniture is chaotic, often of poor quality, the confused species of things, it's best to buy branded products, taking into account, and now the rising price of wood rose, too absolute fraud cheap. Third, the observation of wooden furniture, open doors, drawers, see if the wood drying white texture, close, very good. If you have joined the Particle board, MDF, and a molding material of the furniture, to open the door or drawer, and smell to see if there is an irritating odor. Fourth aspect, by defects in the main force of furniture parts such as pillars, close to the ground connection between the rod load bearing column, should be no large knots or cracks. Solid structure, the framework should not lose, broken joints are not allowed, breaking the material. Plywood furniture components must be used to implement the edge treatment of a variety of accessories can not fewer parts to install, missing nails through the nail. Fifth, resistance test the strength of the Board is the finger to feel the sound board. Side of the material should be in the form of fixed frame, if the sparse matrix, you will feel the void in the surface is not real, atrial large panel, the bottom drawer hand to push in order to test the strength, usually at the end of multi-laminate partitions, screens large areas must be board production for five years. Sixthly, to observe whether the security level of a tilting frame of the drawer or door, the availability of the eye position contracted or spike is too large grommets, the shank loose and other processes caused by parts of low inclination. Wooden furniture to have security and stability, when both doors open 90 degrees, hand gently forward, the cabinet should not automatically forward tipping, glass door bookcase go through the milling treatment, mirror Length and after installation back to the toilet, the pressure of the glass surface should be set. Individual furniture parts (eg legs, drawer, door or frame, etc) must have sufficient capacity. Push the furniture to the next corner or sitting, try furniture is solid. VII, review the interface heavy furniture should be protected with corner blocks with screws and stick well. As for the back area, you must establish good control, and Hao Shang screws. VIII, the test must be strong and firmly slide the drawer, tighten the screws on the inside. You can open the drawer and Active Desktop, doors and other parts to see if they ensure ease and connected properly. Nine touch the surface of the hand on the surface of furniture, carefully review the polished surface is smooth, in particular, table legs and other parts to see if the brush, paint if vein, the angular position of the pigment is coated too thick for cracks or air bubbles. Covered with sheet panels and other materials, surface and the color of the whole product should be similar to the coating of the surface area does not allow adhesion wrinkled skin, hair and paint leakage. Ten, "upside down" chair test and the surface of the pad of the furniture upside down and see how they do. As to the table, from the bottom of the check. To see if the joints reinforced with screws and wedges, with steps to the plate Snap close? There is no excess glue joints and fillers. 1 | 2 Next (total of 2 pages)
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