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New home renovation company looking for a home decoration and design quite satisfied, but the recommended products a bit.1memFISTO 2012-10-01 05:43:02
The floor had wanted to use nature , but the choice is what the decoration companies to recommend an encouraging sign that the budget can save a lot , and he says the very good quality! You can buy very cheap to live a good thing?
DIY Home Decoration for the fresh and natural home0kisu2012-06-27 16:36:01
DIY Home Decoration for the fresh and natural home
Knowledge of home decoration home wiring1Olivia2012-02-12 23:25:22
Knowledge of wiring home home decor
Home Decoration1rashawn2012-08-14 12:16:05
What we sell? Gates, Doors, Staircases, Fences and Balustrades, steel furniture
Sorry about my home decoration1Caesa2012-04-15 21:19:54
Sorry for my home decor
New home decoration1Noel2012-03-02 21:58:29
124 square meters of new houses need renovation , but in this sense I have no idea what I had planned with 6 million renovation , including the main material (ie , floor tiles and kitchen appliances , lamps not included) , expect all friends to help make a detailed budget (I'm in Shenzhen, with a floor plan ): 1. slabs: Please detail all friends living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom tiles needed brand , type and size, and indicate the required amount, the amount and labor costs . 2 . Hydropower facility : Please elaborate on the necessary wiring and brands , types of switches (referring to the thickness of the cable, the power, change the current value) , the dosage and the amount and cost of labor. 3 . Furniture: Ministry for purchase of ready-made furniture is on the outside, or in space to the structure of the house, or made by the building structure on the outside , please help explain the advantages and disadvantages of these three profitable. 4 . Painting : What place is very good wallpaper , or paint brush is good, ask a friend to help explain both the cost and the advantages and disadvantages. Dear friends, please be detailed in accordance with the content of the answer to my questions , temporarily to 100 points if you answer Yes, I can add 200 points. Thank you.
Chengdu, home decoration1aditya2012-09-03 21:13:02
I ask you: Chengdu, decoration company, that company reputation is better! House keys that hand, and on the decoration company do not understand, hope gets advice of experienced friends.
Home decoration colors1goat2012-05-14 02:44:46
Do you want to color the floor of my woodworking shop, the door a little beige, and I do not know what color wall brush
Home decoration with color1Howa2012-03-28 23:30:29
To get married , buy second hand property before, the interior decoration quite new, so now is the transformation of a simple look , but the color above is really a headache , do not know how to dress , please help help me out of ideas now! Now living room style : Sanshiliangting the size structure , the floor is walnut in color, including television cabinets , tables , doors, furniture, library, bedroom cabinets are the same color as the living room : TV backdrop background is blue, grass green carpet to buy , coffee table style because I like simple wooden table in the first purchase, but also a walnut color, and do not know what color the couch with a good one? What color of the curtains of the room? Bedroom : bed, nightstand , wardrobe purchased a white maple , light green soft packet header selected, then what color curtains to buy? Carpet him? ( Locker room is a good time to play, embedded in the side wall, the sliding door is also a walnut color ) other , study, second bedroom does not want to change the
I want to know the steps in home decoration?1cant tell2012-08-09 07:31:42
82 square meters of the house, our new house , 4 people to live, my parents a house, my grandmother a house , I have a home but do not know the decoration of the steps, I do not know where to start, do not know where to start and began to thank you for help to help him,Oh , our range of Health of the House.
How many home decoration company in Changchun1Nerd1012012-08-10 16:09:02
I thought to open the decoration company in Changchun , the prospects do not know how , not competition , and now decorating industry to what extent, there are no sources of the company 's business decor?
Half of new home decoration that can check in?0tamrat2012-07-22 22:29:02
Hello everybody, I'd like to, my new home renovated is 7 months, and decoration all with wallpaper and wood floors, has been no obvious smell, and my daughter is only 3 years old, do not know to stay there does not have leukemia the risk? The daughter continued to live after another new house in two consecutive months, with fever, abdominal pain phenomenon, but bacterial infections were diagnosed by a doctor, do not know, and new homes renovated with nothing to do with it?

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