Where can I buy Lacoste lacoste polo shirts?

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Asked at 2012-04-15 19:18:35
Looking to buy Lacoste polo shirts for sale online where its at. Lacosteoutlet.co.uk addition , there are other places to buy Lacoste polo shirts online?
Answer1IngemaAnswered at 2012-04-15 19:21:13
There are many websites , but almost 99 % are replicas or fake , watch this. Lacoste only sells to distribuiters and licensing partners and usualy does not sell the shit t made ​​in a country within that country. I am from Peru, Lacoste has a factory , (3 hours south of Lima ), the factory produces thousands of Lacote Shirts , Polo, Ralph Lauren and Tommy, but only for the foreign market. Lacoste shirts Peruvian founded in Nederlands . We Lacoste stores in Peru, but selling shirts made in Egypt. So be careful , many claim to have the original cheats lacoste, are usually a replica, and in China there are hundreds of people who do good luck Chris Brand Decal
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