Triple the overall foreign trade promotion marketing

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Three in a global trading partner network marketing to promote foreign trade, "Pioneer" Trade in services exports, business partner network is a combination of "B2B platform global + trade + corporate web site search engine marketing" three times the concept of global marketing for the national launch of new services overseas extension of SMEs: promoting your own website, the platform of international trade business in accordance with technical standards, the market philosophy, International buyers browsing habits and design your own e-commerce business platform capable of offering customers say goodbye to "rely on others" to promote ways to try to avoid competition in the industry. Second, follow the search habits for overseas customers via GOOGLE most popular, buyers are the most used of the world, YAHOO and other search engines to find products related to customers when the company can be found at the site of the first marketing. Highest quality research. Third, a comprehensive website multi-channel marketing to promote business, improve the solvency of the company. Fourth, the establishment of system management corporate website online marketing through the customer base, search habits, time of login, and other related statistics, easy to plan and address corporate of product development. Fifth, corporate marketing website Ten Reasons 1.99% of customers will have access to the corporate website last providers to facilitate contact and cooperation in the future! 2, the corporate image and product information directly in front of customers, minimize competition among peers, which increases the probability of success! 3 never closing the window business! (Your own website) 4, to facilitate customer orders directly! (Later in the research, joint research input specific) 5, easy to handle personnel management, easy! 6, the investment costs of short, easy to budget planning! 7, no over-reliance on an intermediate platform, upload photos and information from many restrictions. 8, easy business, product management and long term planning! 9, client and product information visit the service fast, stable web! 10, for the purpose of establishing the company's website marketing: Let's corporate website is no longer simply interested in understanding the business card of contact QQ: 835353295. Tel: 18957666957
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