I can immediately get back interest money?

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Groom want a property, then no money. The house was opened in the previous stage the next day, saying it was intended to pay the prepayment to get the numbers. The results acquired had a boyfriend , then I rush all the way to pay special intention to pay. when sales offices to work, and at the insistence of the seller made ​​me 20,000 in interest payments, said the floor of the house tomorrow , when the switch to select the tank. I sent money to see the details of the model room requested that the opening of the only house about 60 sets , and we have worked so hard to get the number is more than 70 numbers , it is unlikely that a house , and intend to pay in gold a month later to determine the extent of the accommodation to return. I'm lazy, and that is unlikely to get a house , why do we have to pay the interest payments? and why a month to retire? Why? I ask my intention to immediately get money back ?
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First take the money and deposit banks more than one person is not waiting a month to more than
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