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Please help: phone destroyed card!1Pamela2012-04-15 05:00:39
I just changed the dynamic area of the card. I turned off , then start yesterday a broken card, keep the original number, and then go out, and today is broken. Broken two cards can be used on other phones do not! I suspect the problem was my phone. Due to the quality of the two cards can not be passed oh, and the same bad shape . Strange. At the end is why? The phone is a GM958S panda , used over a year , so good! I do not know what 's wrong with strange area , or dynamics of the card is the water?
If you go to mobile phones lost the hall re-submit a card, the original card text messages and phone numbers still do1Mabeuf2012-07-31 15:42:55
Phone lost, if a card to move the hall re-submit the original card text messages and phone numbers still do, please master Detailed, thank you!
My cell phone fell into the water, the phone must be scrapped, and that under normal circumstances would be a bad SIM card is it?1Core2012-03-08 20:29:34
My cell phone fell into the water , the phone must be discarded and that under normal circumstances would be a bad SIM card right?
Buy a new phone card received harassing phone calls from strangers and curse SMS, how do?2'Nan Nan Da with 2015-02-03 23:17:27
Christmas bought a new China Mobile ( looks new, still open) phone card , which received the phone from a stranger at home, ask ( and I) have been strange , after the call. Last night , I received messages sent abroad , it is very cruel, even a curse of my content. This morning I went to buy a card to ask how to make the place , and the other said there was no way, no color management. I ask you , how I can do. Now my card still more than 130 yuan of money.
I was in Beijing, who knows the kind of phone card is to answer the phone do not spend money ah?? And is connected in the field, thank you!!!4Joseph2015-03-24 20:13:13
I was in Beijing , who knows the type of phone card to answer the phone is not spending money eh ? ? And it plugs into the field , thank you very much !
I received the phone are generally in urban areas, and occasionally I will travel. May I ask, what card is the most affordable phone?0Tshepiso mphehlo2012-07-15 02:36:01
I received the phone usually in urban areas, and occasionally traveled to . ¿ I can ask, what is the phone card more affordable ?
Phone or phone card, how many up to receive text messages0asdf2012-06-29 17:38:02
General phone memory SMS 100, SMS mobile phone memory card 50, I need the business, what kind of mobile phones and mobile phone SMS memory cards up to a maximum of how many SMS
Why does the phone do not put SD card into the thing1Ear2012-02-09 22:27:07
My phone is connected MOTO E2 removable disk in the computer and put the folder in something why not ah
SMS depends on the SIM card or phone?1Horac2012-04-01 02:04:16
I want to buy a new phone , the phone did not write the parameters of the number of messages can be saved. I had the phone can store 22. And I heard the number of messages depends on the SIM card memory , I use the card of Shanghai ETS. My friend can save 80 PHS (small smart cards do not know if you can save more information.) Storage capacity depends on the SIM card or phone ? I hope to answer.
On the phone and buy a card issues1mark ,I need help2012-10-21 23:14:03
I go to school in Zibo, intends to buy a mobile phone , the price of 1,000 yuan , hope you get tips! What you need to buy cards , I answer the phone, usually over long distance phone ! To see that it's cheaper ! Of a toll road is the best ! Now there are many around the school , but was worried fooled! I know that many, around the main board hair ---- M -Zone , History of Youth . Thanks for your help! !
Phone card problem?0Madi2012-07-25 08:35:02
I have a friend using a 130GSM network card, his cell phone one day, no electricity, and the results borrowed a non-CDMA dual-mode phones also can be used, I want to know what card it is a he or a Unicom What new business?
v3i phone memory card1Jamie2012-05-14 20:52:00
v3i phone memory card, so the player ? ? V3i phone with you ? Or to order online ?

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