On the canon 750 memory card problem

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Asked at 2011-12-29 19:33:57
My canon 750 digital camera , 1G memory card using a laptop at home , with time out directly into the slot on the laptop, the memory card as a U disk to use as I can keep songs, movies or something, but the units do not have that desk slot, so the data line must be used, but only the memory card from the camera out of the photo guide , not on anything , I ask that on the desktop how I can handle the storage card and U disk?
Answer1AldricAnswered at 2012-01-01 19:55:55
Card in the camera you want , then the camera manufacturers leave the information, the computer reads the camera, especially WINXP , indeed , Microsoft is convenient for the user of the camera to a computer but not set for writing task cards , so to slot in the computer without having to purchase an editing card reader, depending on the type of card to buy , consider getting Kingston, the fastest, about 30 , the other Wang Biao two brands as about 20 , less than 20 brand
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