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Asked at 2012-04-13 15:41:07
Philips to buy a new 107H62/93 (bought in February this year) ! Bought a short time, color saturation! Demagnetization ! He did not answer ! SAO menu without color cast ! Host to connect to other monitors that I have normal! Cast color screen is red in general! wind power blow for 4-5 minutes will be normal! and then flashes on the screen and the tint ! The strange thing is , when the point of a cold start ! Suddenly the screen looks the color temperature of your child transferred back to normal ( but constant flicker, color tint you want! ) was found on vendors that are not tint ! What is the problem huh ? (No magnetic field the problem of view around the big thing, is not magnetic !)
Answer1 rise to kiss you -Answered at 2012-04-13 18:19:33
1 . Your question may be the monitor and graphics card does not match , only to manually adjust the RGB value of about 2 . If the monitor can not adjust the RGB memory in the graphics properties in the installation , adjust the RGB value of 3. If the property is not the graphics card this option to adjust the software to download a Powerstrip
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