How can we make customer satisfaction? Jisi

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Asked at 2012-04-12 22:03:09
Is urging customers to accelerate particularly tight . I feel uncomfortable. Leaders lie and say I sent the goods, but has not yet occurred . However, the employee commitment to the customer to stock. I dare say , I'm afraid to give something , I will not lie. I have afraid to answer the phone. How to do? a better way? the customer how to say no will be mad ?
Answer1HilaryAnswered at 2012-04-12 22:10:41
You should not mislead customers ! Because if something does not always haveah ! You say it's not ah ? You will not lie to you not learn to "many " is ,ah , you can talk to customers , said: "I am very sorry , because I am a bit reckless , leading a little bad .. give it a try .... premature birth which will know when there are more products with the customer to say I'm sorry that not infrequently, and then complain some customers are inevitable , then , and Ren Ren ! will be the last ! people work very hard it is, then how do people still have to collect the mistakes! I wish you success in your work!
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