Is Guangzhou is filled with Jin Wang to invest a company those who deceive people?

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Asked at 2012-04-12 21:15:45
I go to the interview , fear this company deceives people again
Answer1 Shí-[Μa] -Answered at 2012-04-12 21:16:50
Guangzhou is full of gold to invest flourishing country code base for business advisory Limited is registered through the door of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of retained water. Volume of the company's investment as gold, currencies, stocks, futures, funds to seek the advice of the bus service into an organic whole, the principle depends on making a powerful platform for professional advice to investors wider. The company values ​​a very beautiful appearance, have a person with talent of all kinds and high deal with specific issues related to work, financial professional quality. The company provides analysis, the groom, the many branches, like the market, customer service, administration, network management system perfect himself, responsibility for work in the mailroom door, it is clear, the workflow is normative, provided a favorable environment for the growth each client, employee, Wu presents the highest degree will, the most professional service to offer our customers. The analysis, the branch of the Groom: Every day undertake analyzes prices, keep the political analysis of the conference, and the letter fly strategy, market sectors, customer service: Being in charge of maintaining close relationship with our customers, branch administration, network: the sphere of services the company back as manager, attentive, serious, true-blue professional, make sure the company is fast and efficient implementation. Partner of the firm: Gold Group Asia mount, connecting the Sea of ​​future to expect. Including Asia Gold group has perfect gold mounting, silver for trading platform, the big prize of the selection board in Hong Kong gives the wisdom to reach in 2008 2008 in Hong Kong 100 provide award as a result of the largest brand, sponsor of the Miss contest of 2,009 years in China. Gold meets Asia in Hong Kong-based group from oneself and within, the development of Asia and the Pacific, the area facing the world continuously. Guangzhou is full of gold to invest limited company flourishing advice now or in the future can influence the real attitude to serve our clients: Be focused! Be professional!
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