Sony Ericsson w810c Sony Ericsson 750c and

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Asked at 2011-12-29 18:09:00
810 does not account for the price I've seen the look is very good, but I heard the performance was not very good 810 crashes and slow response? I was told that 750 is better, but I still personally like the 810 that can give suggestions
Answer1PaulineAnswered at 2011-12-30 18:50:04
I think so, because the top floor , he said, these are software problems, each of its mobile phone software is constantly updated list of new phones shortly after the software will no doubt various defects need to improve and make , which requires constant updating of software to improve the product , less than six months after w810c just mentioned , the software is continually improving , so I think the questions are like the new version of the solution up for good ! k750c market only experienced a lot and have the latest version , and the constant change in default, as in the previous version data loss during transmission RIN035 phenomenon in later versions of r1ca008 get a good rest , and the transmission stability as Bluetooth, etc. therefore , I personally think the 810 is still a very good choice , after all , more than k750c benefits , including increased 1.9- inch display, has added edge support , and so on!
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