What the Chinese in Korea small business project it?

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Project ?
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A good choice to join the project to make money Yan Wang liquid wallpaper, wallpapers, also known as wallpaper liquid liquid paint, liquid wallpaper, wallpaper liquid, liquid wallpaper, paint background, the painting is a new wall art, environmental health of the rich Art Deco colors and designs custom made and so on. Profitability analysis simple: a common house of 120 square meters standard construction area of ​​150 square feet or more, the customer may be low-power groups can also be a high consumer groups, and our products can be divided into high-low price, cheap 28 square yuan (labor and materials) or 176 yuan expensive yuan, 98 (some customers still do not). Customer needs to see the promotion, a cheap house done (two days) about a profit of 5,000 yuan, the profit of a whole of about 20,000 yuan (also twenty-three days), an average of one thousand dollars less benefits, the development of a city building five stores have the cooperation of dozens of decoration is very easy. 100 during the year, as long as a house then you can make a million dollars to right-left, a local building materials store, as long as the total number of companies adding decoration and 30, each month, provided the description of a house, how many units a year can make, the amount of benefits? Like many hotels, as the head of traditional wallpaper, fear, the second review will be accepted when the liquid is very, very easy with the type of wallpaper, make up a smaller hotel is four or five square meters, five thousand square meters, for example, to down there is a set of over 15 million profit. Yan Wang joined the liquid wallpaper, ultra-low threshold, the opportunities for small investments to make more money when the boss, a real huge market, to maximize the benefits of huge space, a variety of marketing guide free marketing, a single company can easily recover the total investment. Full support to help you succeed worry. This is your first choice for venture capital shop! Opportunities in hand, what do you dudes! Traders from all over the blank area, places, regional, limited, as soon as possible in touch! Please feel free to tour. Wang Yan liquid wallpaper official website: www_gd-hongyan_com (fall line "on it.)
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