Traffic police catch illegal drivers can issue violation

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Traffic police to catch illegal drivers can issue violation
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Ministry of Public Security issued the "road traffic police on duty to enforce rule of law", the rule will be January 1, 2006 shall come into force. New regulations to control the overhead of a very well defined: the results of tests for severe overload, the driver can immediately eliminate the "overload", must produce a written decision on administrative punishment, which is published after the overload condition is removed, drivers who refuse or can not immediately eliminate "overload" can stop the vehicle. For delivery of fruits, vegetables and fresh produce, overloading of vehicles, drivers must report the facts of the illegal market, but it may take administrative enforcement measures such as stopping the vehicle. Specification 1 provides law enforcement should be "French" in the future, all aspects of the implementation of the traffic police, such as testing of drivers of motor vehicles illegal punishment of non-motorized vehicle drivers , pedestrians, passengers, the driver of the motor vehicle fines and other coercive measures, the police must use the specified language. For example, traffic violations, the driver refused to sign the penalty decision, the traffic police have to say, "refused to sign a legal instrument and the same effect as the delivery." 2 are not free to regulate the illegal car chase new specification car, police traffic enforcement duty, if necessary, with guns, batons, handcuffs, weapons and other equipment Jingsheng police, police service if necessary, can also be equipped with firearms, bulletproof vests, bulletproof helmets. People who drive in traffic violations only to escape, possibly a serious threat to public safety, people's lives, the traffic police can conduct the hunt. In addition, the traffic police not allowed to drive to recover illegal car out of place in the account number and then charge, or notify the front of the police to intercept traffic. Service road, the traffic police to strictly enforce safety standards to ensure their own safety. He refused to stop such violations, traffic police traffic offense shall not stand in front of the vehicle, forced to intercept the vehicle or pedal their way to the cockpit and forced the vehicle registration Pa, leaking dangerous chemicals of vehicles such as accidents, traffic police can not enter into the alert zone. Article 3, to facilitate the traffic will not be accepted if the complaint is understood that the traffic police on duty, we are often asked, patients transferred to a hospital in urgent need of aid. In the future, the traffic police are "working rules 110 and alarm" to help the masses accept the list, such as criminal damage, accident, sudden illness, or the urgent need for protection of public property, motor vehicle drivers may be required to immediately stop assisting with rescue efforts. Responsibilities outside of the emergency to avoid long delay would endanger public safety, national security, property, life and property, the traffic police should be immediately reported to higher authorities, and cooperate with the agencies relevant eliminated; of functions outside the scope of the non-emergency calls, requests for assistance must be reported to the authorities of the people seeking help. The direct flow of traffic, the traffic police will not accept complaints from the masses, but to inform the complaining party, the authorities accepted the claim. 4 Specification of drunk drivers will be forced to restrictions in the future, the traffic police are allowed to take drunk drivers to the designated location, the duty of sobriety. The use of breath, the test results should inform the field of human beings, subjects of violation of the requirements of the test should be retested. The test results showed that "drunk" or individuals who disagree with the results of the test, measured by the traffic police to be brought promptly to the hospital for blood tests, and inform their families or units. Specification of 5 military vehicles illegally open the "special note" of the army, armed police motor vehicle law, traffic police should be stopped immediately ordered the driver to fill the "military violations of vehicular traffic, traffic accidents Chaogu records "and asked the driver on the signature site, the parties refuse to sign the act, the traffic police to use audio-visual equipment, testing, and the" military (police) service traffic violations are "in the box. However, the law of the army, military police as a matter of urgency in progress, traffic police should be released immediately. Police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and engineering rescue vehicles and implementation of an urgent matter, the serious violation of the law, the traffic police should be promptly corrected, record the license plate number, units of Chaogu relevant, but if not mandate, which should be punished. Specifically, provided that "the traffic police to correct the army, armed police, special drivers and vehicles, traffic violations, traffic violations, the facts are clear to not strictly follow the procedures, prompt treatment to avoid conflicts with the conductor to minimize the mass crowd. "
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