Wholesale clothing cheated how to do?

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Tang Love Ya
Asked at 2012-04-11 18:33:47
I'm the money two days in Alibaba, wholesale clothes , jeans 10 yuan a look at the picture just fine for most . They said mixed batch of results do not support the transaction, the payment can pay a deposit of 200, to be sent , and then gave me No. I checked the freight logistics company , I have no money to call a result of property to all my clothes is not bad, all the assets of foreign waste in the struggle to get through your phone
Answer1JoveAnswered at 2012-04-11 18:34:56
I also see that a lot of wholesale clothing , Guangdong , is a good cheap pair of jeans from a few dollars more than twenty dollars per lot, but asked me to come in bulk , sixty- five the first payments, secured transactions do not support Guangdong, offenders are exposed out there , or not to risk further . Indeed , Johnson was awarded through the company's jeans Guangzhou Arts clothing you , the seller called Chen Mei -li ? ?
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