I need a safe suplier of Samsung, Panasonic, LG 3D TV

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guinea, fowl
Asked at 2012-04-10 20:21:58
I think it was scam recently (waiting to meet ) I want an offer from Samsung , LG , Sony , Panasonic 3D TV in Australia. Every time I communicate with someone who says he will not accept Escrow or Paypal or cash . TT I do not care after establishing a delivery. I'm not just talking about some of them , no one in any country to do so. Can someone please recommend a company that will operate in this way , thanks.
Answer1goat Answered at 2012-04-10 20:24:32

friend, for my personal opinion , I would advise you to give up this plan . Although Samsung , Panasonic , LG, etc and has factories in China, but these plants can not provide the products to other channels by Samsung , Panasonic , LG. < / P> < / P > If someone else tries

export Samsung , Panasonic , LG 3D TVs must obtain authorization from Samsun , Panasonic , LG will be the first . Is not. < / P> < / P >

Therefore, if someone told you can , only two possiblility : < / p >

1, buy them from distributors, and exports it to you without authority , < / p >

2 are cheaters , < / p > < / P >

first form, you may not have any help to you. Because the final price for you may be higher than in the coutry , < / p >

second way , I would say nothing. < / P > < / P >

Perhaps, to give up their planning is a better way. < / P >

Answer2ValerieAnswered at 2012-04-10 20:25:30

think you're right about the product not to leave the country . < / P >

Does this apply to the i- phone 4 too? ... I see people selling these , some as low as $ 220 and I heard that all < / em > are copying .... I guess this appy to iPhone , Mac books etc ... I investegating what is required to obtain certificates of supplys brand is not my country .... Thanks again < / p > < / P >

Answer3FuNkY mOnEy Answered at 2012-04-10 20:27:43

is the first time you put an end to its suppliers , it is difficult for suppliers to accept COD. As for sellers, who are worried that they could not receive payment after shipment of goods, and that is normal because there are many stories of deception. < / P>

But when things happened, there are ways to have slove . Perhaps the best way is: you can communicate with others as well. I think after contacting long term, which might suggest others. < / P>

've known some companies accept the terms of payment , I will recommend to you. Good luck to you. < / P>

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