Small size feature does not teach you to create interesting short of "dwelling"

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Small size feature does not teach you to create interesting short "housing"
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Buying a small apartment house is no way to do it, the price is too high, we will buy some of it. Fortunately, there are plenty of small units can be equipped with a fully functional case, so that a family goes back to see the hope of a better life, the house is small, but the function is not necessary, is on the small size House according to the method of design. Fat Wang Hongxing hardwood floors hardwood floor in one way: to highlight the use of functional patterns in the plane, small units are usually designed to meet the practical role that the first, a reasonable design of each area functional flow lines and some furniture scale. You can open the restaurant's kitchen or living room and use other methods, without affecting the functional use, based on the increasing use of mutual penetration level of the inner sense of space and decorative effect. Such as the reception area, dining area and so are all human beings are more lively area of ​​activity can be organized in one place, and sleep, study and the need for relative calm can be incorporated into the same space. Therefore the parlor, eating and sleeping, learning must be in the space of a rigid or soft separation. If the room is small, and hope to have their own independent space, then in the living room can Geping, rail or use of furniture furniture sliding doors to replace the original sealed partition wall, the walls come alive, and the sense of the permeability of the global space. Second approach: furniture bedroom furniture is simple and compact design of the basic elements of the form of a limited space in the room separated by both intrinsic and functional contact without overcrowding, which largely depends on how and the size of the furniture. Simple shapes, light texture, small furniture, especially those who are free to mix, accessibility, incorporating the most suitable furniture for small units. Or choose an area of ​​small furniture, relatively high, both can accommodate large number of items that are not a waste of space. Note that this also reflects the small size of bedroom furniture, place an important feature is the vertical development. If you choose High foot bed, so the bed can be raised, unconsciously as a result of increased availability of beds, or just buy a double bed, put away during the day on the couch, lay down at night when the competition bed. Computing is essential for youth to learn and furniture. However, it is necessary to kill the living room, computer desk, but also add another rack or shelf for a little big crowded. Thus the choice of time of course, the role of a general study Jina. There are three methods: To be concise in decorative accessories, the small size of the family did not try in a complex of several functional elements within the zone must be uniform. Because the house is small, the jewelry should be more concise. Furniture should be focused, order, too much, people feel tired. No more window decorations, use less heavy curtain, curtain colors to coordinate with the decor of the room, the use of thin strips of metal shutters. If the room is small, it is best not to use heavy curtains landing. Kitchen, bedroom and living room with the same wallpaper, the room look spacious. For example, between the kitchen and bathroom replaced by transparent glass walls, a restaurant, along with the posterior wall mirror to increase the brightness, so that not only small but also very modern and open, there would be little space filled romantic atmosphere. Four methods: pay attention to the overall tone of the room feel small if the design is reasonable, make a small room look darker color design in conjunction with their hobby, while in general, choose the color of colored light, neutral as furniture and bedspreads, sofa, curtain tone. These colors due to diffusion and back, making room to give people a feel fresh, cheerful, bright and spacious. When the whole lot of space with respect to the provision of different colors, the room will greatly enhance the visual effect. Note, however, in the same space is best not to use different materials and colors as well, this will make the visual pressure, preferably in soft colors and bright as the principal. In addition, a small room in the great room to create a similar environment, intelligently applied in the room just right curve method. Wall coated with two light warm white paint, lines parallel to the ground, the horizontal lines gradually narrows from the bottom up, giving a sense to extend the zoom. Link: hardwood floors six murderers Tips
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