Clothing sales skills

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Sale of outerwear clothing and the color is very close contact, no matter how good a clothing style, color, not too hard to sell, dyed fabric in our country do not have to call attention to the colors of the fabric rich and vibrant low quality high quality canvas, bright colors, just can not satisfy the desire of the consumer buys. In this important part of apparel sales, the sales of clients will find this or that, but sales of clothing sales people do not know psychology, therefore, apparel sales appeared in this or that problem must be solved to increase sales of the key issue. First, sellers must understand what types of customer groups in consumption patterns, lesbians in general and large shopping centers, stores, customers have different needs, shown in the shopping mall of the attitude is different, generally divided into the following types: the type of people and more leisure time for young people, mainly middle-aged, most of them in his spare time, there is no purpose for the mall to the free transfer, to kill time, and this population does not want to go shopping, free transfer of the search process relaxed and happy, looking for visual pleasure. With a visual delight to get the psychological satisfaction. Guided by such people, the relatively high cultural level in most cases, girls are more professional, live, work relatively fast, not too much extra time, unlike the casual crowd to hang out, to save time, it will be see advertising on television to learn what they need, through the advertising content of the products have a great curiosity and desire to shop. Many blind people in this category is the type of impulsive people, easy to be deceived, shopping is not a goal, to see what products are similar, provided the service enthusiastic sales staff, the customer will buy a behavior reckless, not the concept of property necessary or her own needs, often at home or any other person that you'll regret is bad, because most of the mall back substitution is caused by the blind type, warm service is an error, and outcome. Kind of intellectual and cultural level of people in this category is relatively high, about anything big has its own ideas, are not easy to be fooled by the rhetoric of advertising, the demand is very clear in your mind, mostly white-collar workers, Ms. Jin Lingdi base, the president of the general class of their conditions are very good, strong self-confidence, advertising and product sales no matter how much hot, if needed, She is moving to say that these people would be convenient to shop according to their own needs. How to change the past, sales methods? For the following conditions: 1 first color with a rigorous training, the master of the four seasons and color theory of the seasonal clothing color techniques. 2 To learn to observe clients to master the knowledge of consumer psychology. 3 To purchase and sales skills training. Highly trained sales staff will bring great economic benefits for the company. When you come to claim the visual image of the study is easy to find the answer to deal with these four people! Includes international fashion color, in the beginning of the goods, garments with the skills, customer psychology, sales of language skills. Text 2.jpg (0 Bytes) :02009-downloads 6-5 2:17
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