Oh, where to buy watches in the end, not too expensive oh

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Jack Tequila
Asked at 2012-04-10 02:30:18
Oh, no where to buy watches at the end , too expensive oh always wanted to propose a survey to ask all the way to see the attitude. As representatives of all the clocks, but with different methods of buying a table and pay the price are different, have different psychological feeling . In the Amazon to see a Longines very good , the market for 7350 , 5512 special discounted price of 75, except 1838. The packaging is also good, and certainly the real thing, but the following comments to be said, also could go to Hong Kong to buy parallel imports. In fact , it is not necessarily parallel in Hong Kong cheaper than online , do not feel bad if you look at ticket shop why the money to buy it ? It's weird. If you want to buy watches, will you choose? http://www.amazon.cn/mn/detailApp?ref=BT gcss029644 ProdID = uid = 168-2544895-0253815 #
Answer1BrewsterAnswered at 2012-04-10 02:30:30
In fact, I like to buy parallel imports to understand the psychological, the purchase of goods good, want to save money , human nature . Proud to sell parallel imports but I can not understand.
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