I should seek the job of planar design in Guangzhou, I have design work experience of two years. related questions

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I should seek the job of planar design in Guangzhou, I have design work experience of two years.1Anton2012-04-06 08:13:11
But I did not finish school design professional has the proper introduction , I was looking for a salary just is not good . Has proper introduction ? Interview of the computer on which it has worked many, still nice , but getting a price is low. Now Fosan , Guangzhou will also not very convenient , I think not too annoying. Everybody helped .
Professional brand design services providers, book design, brochure design, website design, e-magazine design0zeda2012-09-26 21:38:02
Professional Services brand design , design suppliers of books, brochure design, web design , e- design magazine
1 per design flyers / packaging design / book design / corporate VI design / printing1 기수 2012-04-19 20:36:03
Wuxi Tong business professional art VI. Packaging, book design - art room, www.wxypt.com.cn companies to upgrade the VI, VI design, VI Company 13815108345 packaging design, product packaging, the products of health care, health food, the kind of tea, snuff and alcohol, snack foods, coffee, spices, instant food, meat, food, drink mixes, egg products such as packaging design! advertising images, product images, catalogs, promotional materials, brochures, promotional discount pages, color pages, color pages of products, activities, color pages, business promotion materials, product design, materials promotion, print production and so on! base, better for the purpose, with the attitude of wholeheartedly serving the customers, we have a professional design team to target consumers on the brand and an accurate understanding of the market in order to create a unique aesthetic approach works to your satisfaction; "Fuyu work the event, you must first sharpen his tools" for creative design to provide reliable guarantee; guanggao01. jpg (0 Bytes) downloads: 02 008 -11 to 2 17:43 Collection - Collection> Value Share -> _ TOPaimgcount Doherty [335360] = [29247]; attachimgshow (335,360) / / ArrayTmUsr [1] = "az9812" / / Array3Days [1] = "2", users [1] = "az9812" az9812az9812 Send Message Add to friends az9812 (az9812) Post UID48622 Digest Posts 0 Credits 345 712 1057 0 Views copper Prestige experience Access 0 Male 70 two hours of time online last login 09/11/2010 10/22/2008 Digest Posts 0 Credits 345 Posts 712 experience detailed copper read access 1057 Prestige 0 0 70 2 # published in 2008 11 -3 16: 04 | search the assurance technical, ha, ha, ha, ha ..
Individuals to undertake graphic design, website design and space design! ! ! Excellent price!1DeAr_M2012-05-13 12:27:36
People to perform graphic design , web design and space design ! ! ! Excellent price! People to perform graphic design , web design and space design ! ! ! Excellent price! Professional business card - membership card , VIP cards, PVC cards , magnetic cards designed to contact QQ: 435495992 Tel: 13116757576 , email: [email protected] Chinese Pavilion ok2.jpg card design ( 0 Bytes ) download : 02007 -4 -25 11:22
"Experience design" - a new concept of fashion design1Overdue2012-08-05 12:03:02
"Experience Design " - a new concept of fashion design
Graphic / Advertising Design or diverted to home improvement design, CAD drawing from the start?1Alan2012-02-24 00:15:06
Hi all , experience graphical design work on three or four years , replaced many of the company. I recently found a company in Zhejiang is the treatment of food , housing over two thousand only , I have learned over three DMAX , recently taught CAD later in his hometown to find a home improvement company , CAD wage base 800, after pumping on the farm for ten . ¿ I can ask what would dry decoration design drawing is good, or better yet, do graphic design ? ( If done graphic design work to be changed frequently ), and not to worry about the future of graphic design. Questions added: Some people say, "In general , the future of nothing flat , so it will never stop at that line" , so, if in contact with home improvement from the drawing CAD, not prone to "what are you going, John stopped at the line" and does not grow without progress ? Print ad design , do I have to do is go in that line of people .
Score Guiqiu (paper use)! ! Advertising design, home improvement professional and art design into comrades! ! ! !1ineedhelp2012-07-22 21:40:02
Asked a few professional questions: 1, showing the main function of display reflected what? 2, shows the principle layout what? 3 miles with lighting, decorative lighting, general description of the functional role and focus of light and form characteristics of 4, a brief analysis of ways to improve the efficiency of the visual transmission 5, color coordination and outlined the relationship between exhibition space
Do ad agencies usually look for people with design degrees to fill art director positions? Or, could someone who has taken design courses be considered too?4Canny2017-09-21 01:09:39
Advertising agencies do tend to find people with design degrees for positions of art director ? Or, is it possible that someone who has taken design courses is considered too much?
Interior design and landscape design books problem! Come professionals1Denise2012-04-15 21:16:22
Who knows what the book is not about interior design and landscape design books , the content is a complete program of the kind of case ! Is the floor plan , elevations , renderings, complete ! Best hand painted, and some say a few words of the name of the book! Site is also good! A high rating due to demand , well, ah points ! You must complete the program, very grateful!
Front Design Studio decoration design magic1Clemen2012-05-02 03:46:31
Front Design Studio designer decor magic
Drafts of the home garden design how to solve? Experience are invited to enter.1Harol2012-05-02 06:22:20
This type of project was asked how to solve the garden of his home. Now, from the side door on one side of the room 1 bedroom, from the arch of the gateway to the distance is the garden of his house, the garden is now asked ahead of the landscapes of the main entrance on the using something to stop evil. . What about the rock garden , wall or something! Now ask what you can use here and it's best! Please answer , thanks!
who want to buy latest design--bicycle, only design in the world1Marlo2012-04-19 18:17:17
Our bike is with patented protection.There are 5 styles of a bicycle. You can choose ones that are complete, then select the specific function when used. This is a new type of bicycle , power without the chain and the rechargeable battery , just to double steel pedals . It can be used indoors and outdoors with multiple functions. Because you can easily assemble and disassemble , can be had in the car trunk after folding when you 're traveling , you can put in your home after installation of the steel structure , as an athlete , exercise abdominal , leg, wrist , arm and leg , including whole body. It is a better option than the machine read at home . Walk on the road as a horse running with the fast and secure. Right and light when used, is working properly to ensure safe driving. Bikes on the road, with or without a saddle , comfortable and fashionable. Suitalbe kids.Freestyle adult and walk in the city, the chain can not relax all the muscles of the body If you are interested in our bike , please contact me at the time : e- mail: [email protected] , I will send the detailed picture for your reference. And I quote promptly. Different style, with different price. A bicycle with different functions, you're worth it . The low-carbon life starts from you and me .

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