Bikidi Inflatables Xiamen LCL Shipment price quote related questions

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Bikidi Inflatables Xiamen LCL Shipment price quote2Rae2012-04-06 07:16:19
Hi all, I have an order with the company Bikidi Inflatables, now we need a good transportation company to delivery to my address, please contact the vendor and Ms. Huang is tell the company Party Fun ( Hermel Stofer .) Thank you very much and happy new year!
who can arrange shipment for me from Xiamen for 4 inflatables?0Blaeten2012-08-31 14:03:03
FOB Xiamen to Valparaiso ready goods this month on 24 August Weight : 1276 Lbs . (580 kg) Packing: 3.2CBM thanks Marco
Bikidi Inflatables lied to us. I need money back.7Adelaide2012-08-03 22:19:02
We bought our inflatable through Bikidi Inflatables in China. Once we finally received our product had numerous problems. We ask how we can solve ( through many emails) and have had no satisfaction. Our product was torn , about 30-45 minutes after inflation , the beam inside was sewn in a twist , one of our fans are not working and other issues. We have sent several emails and they said let us buy another (why we would like to get dooped again), but said they are not responsible . I can send all emails related to those of you who are interested. I wonder if there is a rating scale, as in the Amazon. But if you have had a problem with inflatables Bikidi , please let me know and how to solve them. We are located in the U.S. and found in China. Definitely not happy with our purchase. We have not even been able to use our product, but now I see they have it not appear on the site. I would like to send our photos of the " after" Definitely there is no comparison ! Add your email address and I'll send photos.
Why buyers do not reply to me when I quote our price for them0jam ie2012-07-04 09:31:01
I have received consultation from Ukraine and Iran, and our price quote quickly for them, but never received any response from them
Does anyone know why a stock price quote would not update?1shantelle2012-11-02 05:46:02
I'm new to trading , and I have seen some price quotes that have not been updated since December 30 . I tried , Google Finance , Yahoo Finance , Scottrade , but no updates . Anyone know why .
Inflatables1sketch 2012-03-11 23:41:17
How about inflation?
How do I find cartoon bouncy castles inflatables from Canada?2Kootoomootoo 2012-04-17 08:06:39
I am looking for a manufacturer , preferably from Canada to buy bouncy castles, etc. Product should be entirely made in Canada.
Want to look for a working ~~~` in Xiamen1Mildred2012-02-04 20:52:52
Now I'm in Nanchang, Xiamen want to go , I 'm graduating from technical school , man ~ ~ ~ has experience in selling ~ ~ ~ ` to hope everyone offers help ! ! ! !
Xiamen Zhenglan Glass Co., Ltd: somebody know it ?1N-TITLE 2012-03-06 21:42:57
Xiamen Zhenglan Glass Co., Ltd: anyone knows ?
Xiamen Zhenglan Glass Co., Ltd: somebody know it2Juliu2012-03-08 19:32:57
I'm trying to useless to know about fashion company glasses, this is the third I've found here in Alibaba and nobody can tell me about doing business with ... someboy please know this company ? is a real company ? xperience a review ...
(Xiamen Jiajia Xin Industry1Michaelia2012-05-11 23:31:32
Anyone who dealt with the kitchen cabinet makers in looking Xaimen (Xiamen Xin Industry Jiajia said to be in Huli but when the assigned does not appear ? . Telephone 86592 5968668
How do l find Xiamen Green Field Co., Ltd?0Margi2012-07-29 16:32:58
Gardening Products

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