How to if was cheated by cheater website,do

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How else was fooled by the website cheat, it
Answer1Azn Princesst Answered at 2012-04-06 07:10:19
Hold the testimony that all trade in the generation of as much as possible, for example , send the money across through what means, corresponding record low reserve offered: the generation, for instance of the client bill of exchange of money is the parent bank wire transfer , post office remittance matrix. Furthermore, this website has recorded , undated PCI , when available, can burn down, if not asked , intellectual property according to the direction of Ping domain name is discussed later this IP address if they belong to the mainland of China , if not owned by , the likelihood was used without what can not verify the additional server information . Bilk general economy must achieve 2K above it seems that ( including 2K) only accepts public safety record , if the amount of loss can not possibly lead national department under 2K, corresponding assistance , parts , namely that speak in an opera can not possibly redeem this loss . If this rate reaches one hand , exposure of the experience suggests that tricked out , avoid more person to be deceived.
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