Urgent! Urgent!! Urgent!!! WINDOWS XP upgrade problem!!!

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Asked at 2012-04-06 03:27:36
My computer just WIN2000 XP system ! By day it's too late ... I do not update the system automatically detects the patches are finish ! (A total of 60) and then the next day I open the windows update manually update , but ... not only detected at that time there was an upgrade program to view installed before Bahrain is a genuine validation program ! We are a small town ... certainly not with the real ah XP! but have no way to update ! ~ I checked the research also has opened in Internet Explorer Manage Add-ons tool to disable the Windows Genuine adwantage . and then upgrade again to Windows Update, but still do not use ah ... gurus please help my poor , do not ... Oh ! thanks ~ ~
Answer1FayAnswered at 2012-04-06 03:29:57
With the patch crack, download the address I forgot to give me your email, I sent in the past, the installation automatically after the update has been sent
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