Parallel with the mainstream mobile phone What is the difference?

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South Road , Chengdu , so I ordered a machine sales rose in parallel, a parallel machine that can only be used within the second ring road, and I asked my Taobao parallel machines that are sold, as well as different shopping channels , the signal of another quality and no problem, I would like to hear your opinions.
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What national license? What is a licensed home in it? Licensed by domestic manufacturers is recognized, the only agency by a business or directly by the manufacturer of the branches in a designated area to sell the product, as authorized dealers and branches must be reasonable or even windfalls, and must comply with the regional government requires payment of customs duties and taxes, high prices are often a license, but because the manufacturers of local agents, product warranty service is often safer. National license Guarantee: Warranty services provided by the manufacturer. What is the mainstream of Hong Kong? Many friends of the "Hong Kong, the mainstream" concept, there are some misconceptions that Hong Kong has a fake license, the quality of products. Hong Kong, Hong Kong is the mainstream mobile phone market in Hong Kong, these products are common methods of local sales and sales channels. Bachelor of Hong Kong is not false. The mention of words allowed some of my friends in Hong Kong can have the feeling of fear, I always feel that Hong Kong can not * license. By contrast, the national license, under license in Hong Kong is one of the original products. Because it is the factory produces, so do not worry about the hardware, but also in the operations and functions and to license it. And because the mainland and Hong Kong, together with the existence of different tariffs for manufacturers in mainland China and Hong Kong are different price region. Even regular phones sold in Hong Kong, mainland China, with the same model between the mobile phone has a price difference. Some makers of mobile phones through the form of one or another way to get the original products sold in Hong Kong should be transferred to sales on the continent, through traffic from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, Hong Kong, which has licensed the back of the phone shops and mobile operators in Hong Kong label. Simplified Chinese Hong Kong, has licensed? In general, the mainstream is that traditional mobile phones, as well as simplified Chinese and China are authorized and Simplified Chinese (in addition to simplified Chinese manufacturers out of some models do not), if the menu is in English or other languages , the relative price cheaper. Assurance license in Hong Kong: Hong Kong authorized by the Hong Kong warranty of one year, although Hong Kong is not far from Guangzhou, but really want to repair not only a very troublesome journey back and forth, and passed long time, some current business entirely, said that even as Hong Kong does not offer any guarantees. What is the European version of the original? What is the parallel (European version of the original) of your phone? "Parallel imports" are believed to netizens in the eyes of a sensitive word. What is a "parallel" media? Parallel imports is not a fake. Many users do not know what is the parallel (European version of the original) phone, according to the definition by default, the parallel phone is foreign, Hong Kong, Macao Customs area without the normal channels to enter continental market mobile phones. There is also a name for parallel imports, the European version of the original, called parallel imports (European version of the original) of the phone is actually supposed to be sold to other countries or regions of the machines in the evasion of tariffs to enter the domestic market for sales of mobile phones. In short, the phone is not parallel through normal channels and pay customs target mobile phone. Therefore, the quality of parallel imports and mobile licenses are the same, no difference between the hardware, the original manufacturers only sell genuine original region and the software is different, and some models sold in the country due to the different quality, or even better than the national license, in addition to the enormous difference between the sale price, many people prefer parallel (original European version) phone. Parallel imports (European version of the original) is English or Chinese? Parallel imports (European version of the original) mobile phone software will be updated Simplified Chinese, and national, are all licensed, such as simplified Chinese. Parallel imports (European version of the original) Warranty: The warranty is that? In fact, in parallel with the mainstream one-year warranty, but in parallel on the external guarantee, of course, would not return to the foreign service, the parallel is not guaranteed business and parallel imports are not guaranteed to leave. And now, with the increasingly fierce competition, vendors will be selling the phone in parallel with the customer warranty.
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