Direct payment on a good business, the seller must meet a certain amount before the shipment, payment before the seller has agreed, feeling cheated, and ask how do I do now related questions

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Direct payment on a good business, the seller must meet a certain amount before the shipment, payment before the seller has agreed, feeling cheated, and ask how do I do now1? Small fool 〆2012-04-05 23:29:04
Direct payment at a good deal, the seller must meet a certain amount before sending payment before the seller has agreed, feeling cheated , and ask how I can do now
I did not use to pay transaction, the seller does not ship after payment has been how to do?1 Taiwan2012-05-22 01:33:13
There used to pay the transaction , the seller does not ship after payment has been how to do?
Payment does not support Alipay, nor COD seller reliable?1Brand2012-03-08 19:47:05
I have read a number of suppliers , vendors , things are very cheap, for final payment , and are not compatible with Alipay, COD or seller reliable? Require direct remittances in the sending, receiving cash on delivery, the most likely suspect is a liar , as such, Alibaba, how, closed his shop. I suspect that is a liar
I chose to wholesale of goods, payment is not paid directly to the seller must account?1 단수명사 2012-09-10 16:15:01
I filled the order, the seller let me pay , I saw a direct payment to the account of another , so reliable?
Purchase one-time payment method used, the other requires full payment within three days to buy a house, have to give to the contract after one month if all the state meet? Traffic laws questions1Gilberta2012-05-05 01:18:57
Purchase a one-time payment method used , the other requires full payment within three days to buy a house , you must give the contract after one month if all the state meet ? Traffic laws questions
I was cheated 1500 yuan of payment for goods, the requirement after cheater gathering continues to make a money, requirement refund, close machine do not go up line. How should I recover payment for goods0Rroyd2012-10-19 15:43:55
I'm in Alibaba is small and wholesalers to be woken up in Fujian , the member company limited hardware sold 1,500 yuan decided locks, the other party has not paid treasure to order the card is obtained , after my card collected on the other hand, said that 2950 yuan send money however , the requirement includes 1450 yuan , I ask again to see the money remittance , the other party says no to follow to reach a point of not delivering the goods absolutely , reimbursement requirement , say they want me to wait 20 days, executioner machine is not received after hearing , also disappear online , cheat undoubtedly face is exposed , expert forgiveness , how you can recover payment for goods ? How can you stop cheating be punished ? Thank expert is solved.
I wanna find 1 professional accessories for apple, blackberry aliexpress seller,like the seller epragmatic1Bar2012-04-04 19:00:20 , you can find accessories for the iPad iPhone here , all items are free shipping by DHL FedEx + + + DPEX Aramex , without paying extra fee statement customs .
Businesses make payment directly to the bank before shipment can believe it?1antilope2012-02-28 17:48:03
Li Xin Trading Co. , Ltd. Huizhou bike . Refusing to use the Alipay payment . Whether it's a fraud? Hope that helps!
The seller does not provide the goods, and later agreed to a refund, but have been delayed 50 days with no refund, the two sides have a contract.1Chillie2012-05-29 00:41:23
Cangnan a factory of the company and on February 1, 2010 signed a contract for the purchase , full payment of the goods of February 3, 2010 payment, the factory according to the February 11 deliveries, the result has been delay delivery has been delayed to February 25 or not delivered, the past that did not match the original factory, and later repeated in our insistence , the goods they had to say no to our money back to us . The results did not return was postponed until Feb. 23 so far today has been a month of 20 days. Contract amount is only 4,200 yuan. The two parties have a contract, but also sealed. It is a fax. Please help how to deal with good people. Thank you.
I ordered through SS Jewelry Factory Yiwu an Alibaba gold supplier for 2 years. I made $ 750 deposit by bank transfer and then I got an email from them asking me to send the balance of 5.28 by western union this e- mail that I got: -------- Original Message -------- Subject: RE: shipping time From: ssjewellery Date : Fri, May 13, 2011 03 am To: [email protected] Hi Sonia, Can you tell if you have sent to our address of the company? Best Regards anny ----------------------------------------------- A: Sonia Ko RE: sending time From: " ssjewellery " Hello Anny, :) What I was trying to say is that I have the mask in 3600 Ningbo ready to ship , but shipping and handling are very small, so I wanted to keep all items together and send at one time . I was trying to ask if I can send Ningbo mask to his office and if you can send them all together. Please advise If you check the email carefully , e-mail address is SSJEWELLRY01 the right direction , and the person who is repeating me SSJEWLLERY01 BACK - > a different email address . How I can get a repeat of a different email address , with all our chat logs ? I do not know if this provider is hacked or playing with me. I spent total of $ 3000 and I want the goods or the money back. Please help me ! Sonia
Was cheated how does payment for goods do0Yo2012-06-29 23:02:02
He cheated on Alibaba do not have to pay the payment of capital goods treasury account sufficient to meet the need is not good your name flourishing Flowering Plum Inn ** Total net which is a network go to the registration in the chat that I sealed to follow only in A Zhang trade?
Hello, how does the payment for goods that be cheated do?1예 You may go.2012-03-19 19:09:57
Start looking for advice say they pay half the payment for goods in order to deliver the goods only after waiting for me to pay a 260 yuan means of payment for goods , which are called matters of finance say that so-called talent section whole to deliver the goods , payment of 240 yuan later, my total paid 500 yuan to pay the property, contact your burgeoning flowering of not responding now , the phone shuts down the machine , otherwise the payment is already becoming real ah !

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