Direct payment on a good business, the seller must meet a certain amount before the shipment, payment before the seller has agreed, feeling cheated, and ask how do I do now

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? Small fool 〆
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Direct payment at a good deal, the seller must meet a certain amount before sending payment before the seller has agreed, feeling cheated , and ask how I can do now
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This is an experience, the next time we have to remember not to direct debit, cash or by way of Alipay, not to be deceived, not to talk to the seller negotiate and see what their consumption is not can ensure u5411 u90A3 complaints. If talking to him and talk, if not, please contact customer service background with Alibaba. And to provide its customer service chats. Ask them to help solve the 80% is a liar. Reported at the same time, want to keep. If you feel cheated, you can check your money, money, you can help please ~ Alibaba payments is not the case, to pay for shipping if the seller can not then claim a refund as described in the general , wholesale, all the small lot and mixed, and now only refer to the extent possible and the seller is fraudulent, and if you have the contract, sued directly, there is a contract consulting lawyers to see have to use legal weapons to solve is a sleight of hand tricks scam! Promise me anything before the negotiations, the first such pay later, must be the minimum amount of company policy delivery. So continue to make money, be a little aware of the other party is gone! If the person is a member of Ali, the following recommended steps: First, when members of an allegation of fraud (for example, the collection is not delivered, etc), 1, enter the Chinese website Alibaba report Complaints Forum (http:/ / com / resource / add? tracelog = aliltts) to download a complaint letter writing, attach the required documents (including, without limitation, the transfer certificate, proof of identity, business license, etc.) will be sent to Alibaba integrity or fax to 0571 -89815503 Forum. Alibaba effective written materials received after the verification of timely treatment, coordinate the complaining party for a limited time to solve the problem, if the complaining party can not resolve the problem within a limited time, Alibaba will under the terms of integrity and make the appropriate treatment, 2, in the letter of complaint sent to Ali Baba, at the same time, the members nominated to the local public security authorities reported that Alibaba shall cooperate fully with investigations related to public security organs and 3, if you can not provide proof materials, members can report complaints forum post Alibaba, or call the service line for complaints of Alibaba, Alibaba is the record and the progress of the case, the integrated treatment ; In addition, complaints of trade disputes (eg, size mismatch), 1, customers can contract the responsibility for the contents of the prosecutor other hand, 2, Alibaba offers a forum for legal advice for clients to seek some legal experts, the forum's advice and assistance;
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