What are the top ten brands basin?

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What are the ten best records in the basin?
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I am clearly in the top ten brands basin, ah, because so often to collect information more clearly, here are my top ten brands in search of the web maigoo basin of the top ten brands: 1 Kohler Kohler ( launched in 1873 in the United States, basin top ten brands, one hundred years of history, the world record, the United States of Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd.) 2 Toto (Toto, Japan in 1917, the ten leading brands of the basin, kitchen hundred companies in China, Japan, East Tao (China) Co., Ltd.) 3 FAENZ Faenza (high end brand bathroom, large companies, sink marks ten best first line of the mark, Foshan Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Fine) 4 Wrigley (ceramic sanitary Leroy, China Chinese brands well-known marks, basin top ten brands, health Wrigley Shanghai Co., Ltd.) 5 Roca Roca (Spain In 1917, basin top ten brands, one hundred years of history, world famous brands, the multinational healthcare software group) 6 of the Americas (in 1872 U.S. famous brand in China, ten brands Basin, China Labelling of the environment, American Standard (China) Company) 7 HCG and the mark (in Chinese, the basin top ten brands, china green building certificate of commendation of ceramics, the world's leading suppliers bath products) 8 Apollo (brand in China, China well-known marks, brand name products in Guangdong province, basin top ten brands, Apollo (China) Co., Ltd.) 9 Anwar annwa (basin ten brands a large scale professional manufacturer of ceramic sanitary ware, the city of Foshan Ceramic Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Ming Hua High) 10 Super Technology (art stone basin top ten brands, famous brands materials accessories interior and exterior of the building, Beijing, Jing Yi Green Source Technology Co., Ltd)
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