Internet Marketing Confusion

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Asked at 2012-04-05 21:25:58
I am a graduate in commerce, e-learning University for several years, I am nothing to learn. People never heard before graduation to work hard to find a professional e-commerce . Really looking for a long time to find and professional interest is to promote the network. Our company is Hangzhou Chong Yong machinery, packaging machinery to do, and I in the network, the main job is to promote the packaging machine in the network. Firstly any contact with the packaging machinery , training for the company also organized , this time an understanding of packaging machinery . The work of almost 2 months, and each day's work is published , a blog, hair products , because every day feels like the machine and do the same thing. So I would like to ask the network marketing cattle , which should be something to learn in what areas to enrich themselves, or say what they should do the job , the work will break new ground ? ? Please adequate guidance . . .
Answer1ByroAnswered at 2012-04-05 21:29:07
I would also like you , e-commerce graduate school at the end of ** neck , the basic content of my work with you is the same , but now I feel tired, because I liked the work , 1.2 months ago , compared with irritable like you, and now, fortunately , no additional work together, and feel that time spent online is not enough. In fact , in the forum there, you can learn a lot from the experience. Do not promote , learn marketing blog, write a paper cloth. They must have the knowledge and skills! Also, if interested , you can learn to optimize ah.
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