Control problems on industrial furnace

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Meat Duck
Asked at 2012-04-05 07:48:40
Brother did not learn a new power is much more knowledge! However, more interested in it! It asked the wrong place please forgive me ! Thank you ! Industrial oven temperature control to 600 degrees of precision within + -5 degrees. I think there are many of them controlled by SCR 1. 380 - 400V voltage of four heating cables in both groups all ways, and their connection like ? 2 . What is a star connection ? Besides the star- connection method does not take it yet ? 3,600 degrees or control more electric oven temperature is not connected in a more stable energy or electrical parts ? Thank you ! Everyone ! Forgive me, forgive me! ! !
Answer1`sunflowerAnswered at 2012-04-05 07:57:00
Each electric heating a four-wire connection in both groups did not matter as long as the respective control over it. 2 star connection points and connection of a triangle, but it depends on the nominal voltage electric wire, electric wire If the rated voltage is 380V for the connection with the triangle can also be connected to a star connection, but inefficient . If the heating wire to the rated voltage of 220V is only by a star connection . 3 can buy a 0-1000 temperature control systems , fluctuations in the value of about 5 u2103 .
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