When it thunders into the power supply is also short-circuit power trip trip?

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Zachary Taylor
Asked at 2012-04-05 07:46:25
Want to change the switch on the air? Strengthen mine facilities ? Mine facilities that can be changed ? It is dedicated to operate the company and the electrician ? Home on the sixth floor upstairs .. .. .. not mine facilities
Answer1MerliAnswered at 2012-04-05 07:47:41
Lightning is a common problem caused by lightning damage is enormous. Lightning is a very complex project, after the installation of lightning protection equipment does not guarantee one hundred percent of other electrical equipment safety, especially for the cloud to keep track of, and I can only say that the loss is reduced to a minimum. If, after being struck by lightning on a family trip electrical electrical outlet open space, then surely this equipment destroyed, repaired. No need to replace the air switch, but if the air switch is also bad, should be replaced. Specific to the brief description of how mine: the sixth-floor roof should consider installing a lightning rod, the angle of the rod is only within its area to protect the role of truth is actually lightning from the lead role in Ray, will be released into the land. Therefore, a lightning ground rod better, or just the opposite to mine attracted by the disaster. Earth is to have a certain level of experience is not as simple as you think you can, you can find some information to see how it is grounded. Do not stand in the window when the thunder do not stand on the terrace, especially if you're on top, close the windows. Lightning protection of electrical equipment: Do not use strong thunderstorms appliances, electrical equipment connected to one side please note: Turn off electrical appliances and electrical equipment can not guarantee that you will not be burned by lightning. Of course, you can install a power house surge arresters on the line, but costs more, the burden for the average family is too large, the use of very little. Family there are many signal lines, thundering rain bad weather, will also be used to pin signal cable to ensure safety, such as TV signal lines, Internet lines. The design and the formal requirements of lightning protection have increased, of course, have a professional company to do my work with their specific local conditions.
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