Panasonic G60 display a problem.

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caiman, cayman
Asked at 2012-04-05 06:59:24
Machine with a four or five months and found a warning icon on the screen , including: a red circle in the center is a white exclamation mark , position and alarm bell on the road between the two icons (next to the left of . ring mode ) symptoms : every time you boot , there will be an SMS message tone (Fan Hao before there are none) searched the manual has not seen a solution! . Ask your heroes! In this Xianxie too!
Answer1Interpretation of cups.Answered at 2012-04-05 07:09:54
Respondents : A small fire meteors point level : Teachers open your browser and press 0 , do not let go , it will open the mailbox, and have not received a message! Select Cancel to develop in him ! Red exclamation point will disappear ! When music is the power of information prompted the word!
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