Up to share the experience of painting painting

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To share the experience of painting painting
Answer1tabby, she-cat, grimalkinAnswered at 2012-04-05 07:01:22
DIY painting tips paint the ceiling of the stage has been completed, a series of ideas and students to share. First, do some good foundation walls and paint . I give this company a good rating, but the guys are working, but mostly to find a little old teacher supervision . I bought the house because of your own living rough model , so that the quality of the wall is fine, but the teacher was very strict , according to the process. I did not understand fully painted , but now know the importance of the putty and primer . Especially primer, primer selection and matching finish is the best. One of the most important functions of the primer is closed, the alkaline material is to prevent damage to end wall. Second, the importance of a bottom side , this is known , I would not say. As I went to the store to get the state legislature 120 like network, but also the end of both sides of a configuration according to my suit. Its net selling point is the quick taste smell 120 , if the parent does not meet the performance requirements, is useless. Third, is the original smell . The smell of paint with a lot of people do not know really false. But one thing is certain , no smell of the paint smell, and I choose the first house it smells like green tea, Hong Lai, was useless, because if the network odor , odor is the best , why add flavor to self -deception ?
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