How to write a good development leeter to make the clients reply to you ?

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Asked at 2012-04-04 23:27:12
Our company - Shenzhen XUNLI AMP Technology Co. , Ltd. is one of the largest cable manufacturers in China . We mainly produce LAN cable, coaxial cable, AVVR / RVVP pigtail cable installation , and other audio and video cable products . I am a new one in this line , these days I always send a letter of explanation to customers who have sought in Alibaba, but selodem customers to respond to me , sometimes someone gave me an inquiry , we will answer ASAP, but contact no. What should I do now ? Just keep doing this?
Answer1Vows. Answered at 2012-04-04 23:36:39
Thank you very much ! Yes , I have to pay more attention to the subject in the future!
Answer2memFISTO Answered at 2012-04-04 23:45:23

I think the problem is not due to the quality of your cover letter development, mainly because the type of customer you are writing. What I mean is if your client is in need of this product. The person who writes in hasthe authority to run the business ? If yes, what is the advantage of your product? What makes the vendor you choose from a variety of vendor? < / P>

Answer3 Attitude can not replicate ▃ ▁Answered at 2012-04-04 23:57:50
Located in China , which produce a variety of bags , case, box cosmetics , stored in a leather for men, women and children. These products are of good quality , are popular among customers, and sell well . 70% of our exports and 30% for the domestic market .
Answer4JuneAnswered at 2012-04-05 02:06:09
You must know not only sending the letters.there of development can be enormous suppliers send the important issue , i think.good luck!
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