QQ I made some of the old virus spam, Fana, who can tell ye my dear friend deal with it? related questions

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QQ I made some of the old virus spam, Fana, who can tell ye my dear friend deal with it?1Barbara2012-04-04 23:54:06
QQ I made some of the spam virus -old Fana , who can tell my dear friend along with him?
dear friend i m here to tell you a scamming company of E-cigarettes4Darre2012-03-04 19:10:29
Hi all electronic distributor of cigarettes around the Globe ima do about e- cig Foreign business in Shenzhen , China and according to my experience I have found the following company in alibaba scam is a trap , there is no such factory or company , this is just a con game so be careful not doing business with them refers to
Trojans can not kill the virus, detected by Kaspersky, only with the Ewido trojan virus, what virus is not C drive?1Silverwing 2011-12-18 23:01:57
The Trojans can not kill the virus , detected by Kaspersky, just with Ewido trojan virus , what type of virus is not drive C?
Golden hill poison bully 2005 discovery virus and virus file was deleted, how does ceaseless still clew do? How to consult me to exterminate virus thoroughly?1N-VAR-COLL 2012-07-11 01:28:46
I am bird plate! ! ! !
Infection: Trojan Backdoor.Win32.GrayBird.jdC: WINDOWS help.DLL849.5 KB What is this virus, how to deal with1Benedic2012-05-03 20:33:04
Infection : Trojan Backdoor.Win32.GrayBird.jdC : Windows help.DLL849.5 KB What is this virus, how to deal with
How do you deal with a friend who thinks they are perfect?1edyx172012-10-19 13:04:03
Oh god , my best friend is the " jake of all trades " . She thinks she knows everything. I can not even talk without their starting something of herself . It sucks ! And what really gets me going is that she always boasts of its brands . I think it is childish and unprofessional for all ' I have a 90% in chemistry my contest ' blah blah! I always say that I will not share my brands but insists whenever I say ( I do not , of course ) . It's like she does so she can only say it was better than me . Like , not my best friend ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Ah , and now she thinks it's great because she has a boyfriend . I mean , not that blessed in the looks department , and she always complements the pictures and told me that my school picture was bad ! Arrrgh , it's okay to have high self confidence , but this is just annoying as hell ! What I can do?
Do you think Atlanta made a good deal trading Schaub?8Lucia2012-09-25 04:51:02
In my opinion this deal made the Falcons a whole lot better I think this was a great deal for the Falcons. If they stay where they are and pick eighth they are guaranteed to get Landry the safety from LSU, whom the Dolphins covet at the ninth pick. Also, they might be able to package picks to move up to the #2 spot and nab Calvin Johnson the hometown boy to become a dynamic weapon for Michael Vick. Great deal for the Falcons in so many ways; in fact, I feel this may go down as one of the all time steals if the Falcons play it right.
Virus in my machine, the virus name: Downloader, File: C: WINDOWS system32 MsServices MsService.dll1jenika2012-07-17 09:11:02
Check -in online for a long time there is no way possible , who can help me? Anyway , the announcement of team jumped from time to time , so the dialog box, to be true! SOS ! !
Who can help me with weird characters on the plug-ah I is not a lack of anti-virus no virus what documents ah?1. begging for ⒏ 2012-10-14 11:30:04
Do not blame the characters in the virus, but could not miss the virus files ? Help me I am deeply grateful that I can uninstall the plug- in installed, or is the shirt of the following is the problem? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The Good Samaritan to help
Downloader virus affects Exe file ceaselessly, how be clear about this virus thoroughly?1Gilberta2012-06-18 06:12:19
Turn on today's mobile phone in a short time , Norton has to catch the virus exe Downloader compared to the track, be clear about the failure , segregation is a success. After that Norton plays a clew is to draw a frame around constantly , be affected whenever the Downloader virus executable file is different ( C d e f plate exe is infected), be clear that also maintains a failed entirely successful . The lucky star that reduce toxin use (the library most recently on September 14 of the virus) , reduce toxins , while Norton plays a similar clew draw a frame around constantly even , that the world hard disk is almost all EXE files are kept separate by infection. Separate file can not be restored , still sick poison point , how this? This fall , either on my computer so that you can use? ? ? What the Downloader virus this is, after all? Why so fierce ? ? Want what can only be clear about this virus completely , restore the exe file of pollution ?
When the computer boots just to show the desktop to restart again, repeated several times, is how is it? (Online anti-virus found the virus.) Ask how to do?1u-can-take-the-boy-out-tha-hood-but-not- 2012-01-28 01:48:17
My antivirus has expired, all antivirus free online Saturday ,
Is Not-A-Virus.Monitor.Win32.Hooker.e.22740 virus? ?1Wei Yang 尐 ゛ ___ 2012-06-14 01:49:23
What kills a person to be verified with the specific program Trojan is as follows : systematic incident : The Trojan discovered in the memory! The name of Troy : not- a- Virus.Monitor.Win32.Hooker.e.22740 Trojan process : Trojan Lhotkey.exe is kept separate from the memory from inside a success! The Trojan is kept separate from success on the hard drive ! C: Windows lhotkey.exe starts scanning the memory module. . . Finishes 337 Module exploration of memory module and memory scan , found no Trojan. Start making general analysis: . . . Systematics of the facts : they have already found a Trojan ! The name of Troy : not- a- Virus.Monitor.Win32.Hooker.e.22740 method Trojan: C: System Volume Information _restore { F3E41B89 - 0B5F - BE79 - 4CAA - B310608D5707 } RP1 A0000007.exe handles way: Remove a success to discover the date: September 11, 2006

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