Water and air-conditioning Construction Notes

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Water and air conditioning Construction Notes
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Water and air conditioning, water supply pipes of two power lines power lines is mainly used for artificial lighting and power consumption, the following would like to discuss some of the knowledge: most of the new home is no longer the cables, and I took over the decorations one hundred percent is to be re-established. The general criteria are: 1, main line with a copper wire of 2.5 mm 2, 2, air conditioning lines using 4 mm2, and air conditioning and individually for each alignment, and 3 phone lines, lines television signal lines can not be parallel to the alignment of wire. 4, use the protection of cables and plastic casing, use the hose buried in the wall (including PVC tubing), the interface must use the straight / side. Can not be used if the hose in place, may be protected by a metal hose. 5, the purchase of cables, switches, etc. have to buy good merchandise, marked the other is merely compliance with national standards. Dealers said the purchase should allow this. Third, the air conditioning system of the decoration of the house will inevitably have to install air conditioning systems. This includes the cooling and heating. Here to talk cooling, cooling in the mainstream media of air conditioning. Of course, I have no intention to urge everyone to install their own air conditioning is not very realistic, manufacturers or supply and marketing are provided with the installation. Here is the conversation about considerations. 1, the air conditioner to buy. Try using branded products, really, to buy appliances buying a particular brand or finish can be long. The reputation as a great business to buy, it's best to buy factory direct sales. Remember to keep the warranty card good and invoices. 2, the number of horses is appropriate. The number of horses related to the intensity of cooling. Air conditioned living room for a slightly higher number of horses to make room for power. 0.5 -1 bedroom with plenty of horses, the living room is preferably 1.5 or higher. 1 | 2 Next (total of 2 pages)
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