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looking for medical consumable suppliers (serious manufacturers, suppliers only)1family noun2012-04-04 19:35:41
We are working on expanding into space for medical supplies. We would like to provide medical and surgical supplies to hospitals , surgery centers , assisted living, nursing homes, etc. To start we focus on the New York metropolitan area and are concentrated in bandages , dressings , gauze, alcohol swabs , disposable trays , masks , gloves , catheters , infusion sets , needles and syringes , medical tubing, tongue depressors , paper table and the like. I would like a list of products that are available in this space and the samples from the same well. Please reach us as soon as possible , AdeptHealth Watchung, NJ U.S.
How can I upload a photo of an item to get suppliers or manufacturers to bid for my business1sistagirl2012-11-04 07:32:02
I have a flashlight that I'm looking for, which is made in China and I can not locate it in Alibaba.com , is it possible for me to upload a photo of the lantern and see if anyone can provide or do for me? Then I would want others to bid for my business , is this possible? Best regards ,
starsh manufacturers in south africa/ animal feed suppliers0ryna2012-07-30 09:35:57
I have a clean maize product, can use it as mixture in any animal feed. Because of the high starsh contense, it can also been used as a binding product.
Apart from the Golden suppliers, is their another list of suppliers who may be cheaper?1Cherry2012-02-13 23:07:02
Is the kitchen , the house hold plastics such as dishes and flasks . Most of the details above quotes are another source of India.
How do I locate manufacturers/suppliers in China that offer exclusivity agreements to importers/resellers in the United States?1pikachu 2012-04-16 06:22:11
I know that many will want to ask: "What kind of product you are interested in selling ? " So let me say that we are interested in selling a unique product and quality that will be profitable . We do not want to compete with a myriad of retailers selling the same product ( s ) , lower prices and reducing margins until nothing remains. This is becoming too common in the U.S. , Particularly with online retailers .
looking for suppliers5Aussie17 2012-02-06 05:04:25
looking for suppliers
How to know the suppliers?1Arvi2012-01-17 01:27:15
help you find qualified suppliers will help you verify the company , inspect the factory, which would help to save more costs and reduce risk, make sure your security business. we can do factory audits and Inspection Service, Company verification , procurement, purchasing, shipping , inspection, quality control (control of production and pre- shipment inspection ). any questions welcome
how to find the suppliers4Bori2012-03-22 20:57:02
As a commercial enterprise , other than selling products, suppliers also need to look good , how should we do to find good suppliers of so many options?
Suppliers Genuinity1Leslie2012-02-15 06:32:35
Pls confirm whether providers are following a real 1 , www.nepson.com 2 , www.hkflashstar.com 3 , www.king - suntech.com 4 , http://www.powerdo.hk 5 , http://lsttech.en.alibaba.com B / refers to
Looking for jewelry suppliers?0Steve smith2012-10-24 14:41:43
I decided to open a jewelry business - Libra, cubic z , Trendly things . I've been asking people in this business . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I need to know if anyone here knows of a factory or factories abroad who can buy the product ? The people I have asked have taught me one thing , actually. And this has been more or less linear board : " Do not even think about buying your product in this country abroad only at fairs Buy Do not buy , do not buy the alleged " wholesale " , etc etc ... ETC . " < br > MedlinePlus Some told me to buy everything " Asian " , but they were not exactly forthcoming about where or who ... I think I can understand why some do not want to help create competition , etc. So I come here . Does anyone have any contacts in that business can share ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also raise plants in the Miami area who do make things here , but I'm not sure it exists. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
Lego Suppliers? which one1title noun2012-03-21 18:55:51
It has to have a look through lay providers , some of them are selling the larger sets that have been verified. Does anyone have recently suppliers to avoid or recommend? thanks
trustable suppliers2 - In fact. -2012-02-06 23:28:00
how to find reliable suppliers want my normal life ... I just want

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