looking for medical consumable suppliers (serious manufacturers, suppliers only)

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We are working on expanding into space for medical supplies. We would like to provide medical and surgical supplies to hospitals , surgery centers , assisted living, nursing homes, etc. To start we focus on the New York metropolitan area and are concentrated in bandages , dressings , gauze, alcohol swabs , disposable trays , masks , gloves , catheters , infusion sets , needles and syringes , medical tubing, tongue depressors , paper table and the like. I would like a list of products that are available in this space and the samples from the same well. Please reach us as soon as possible , AdeptHealth Watchung, NJ U.S.
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Arjav Hello , First here.I am happy to know Jack Hu a representative of our company Zhejiang Sungood Technology Co, you can search the alibaba.com.We are the manufacturer of medical supplies, we look forward to building relationships based business with you immediately. regards
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