How to shut 1434 port, known friend told me in detail please related questions

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How to shut 1434 port, known friend told me in detail please1사과2012-04-04 04:21:09
How to close port 1434 , a friend told me that he knows in detail please
Does network firewall give QQ software port shut how to open?0chaundra2012-07-02 20:15:01
Do they harbor QQ network firewall software to close the way to open ?
How to tell my best friend to just shut up?0THE DUDE.2012-10-27 09:18:57
Well , she's my best friend . She thinks she's all that. When she is not. When I talk to my other friends , they say I should get a new friend because I'm "popular " and that could get someone to do much better . Examples : I'm a really good singer . People say I can be famous . But when I heard singing , she does everything she left me . And when going to concerts and stuff , she recorded the song for girls , she says she is " help reduce my ego " . and she always tells me I'm horrible when I know I'm not. My choir teacher used to tell me I was the best in class . MedlinePlus She always calls me fat. She does not come out straight and say " your too fat ." or anything, but it says . We traded shirts and she said "the time your bff shirt does not fit because it is too large." and shirt ( which he borrowed ) in an absolutely perfect . And when I said I was half , she said " b * tch please .. " I even turned to her - . - MedlinePlus Then I can draw well, and she was so angry . She always like " just stop. You will not get very far with the picture." and she always puts me down . MedlinePlus And personally , I think she is not pretty or skinny . She is normal. Shes Marrying prettier. And I do not want to be wrong with that , because that's when I need it and she is having problems in your life right now , but it is annoying me so much . She always tries to beat me in anything I can. I will say .. MedlinePlus I learned a new song . Shell mean, what ? I can play many songs on guitar . MedlinePlus I just want him to shut the **** up .
I would like to ask the next Baoding need from Hangzhou to how to get there need to transfer directly to it? Hope there is to know and I am very grateful friend told1〾 尛 Nansheng? 2012-05-30 01:52:11
First, do not know what Baoding Huhu under the kind friends has helped younger brother !
I want to give my 125 scooter for new engine, a knowledgeable friend told me that the number of votes to vote, you need to do the formalities in the Vehicle Administration2Walk road of life2012-11-02 00:15:03
I give my scooter 125 for the new engine, a knowledgeable friend told me that the number of votes to vote, you must make arrangements in Vehicle Administration
What is the serial port, what is the parallel port, What are all1michella2012-07-25 06:20:02
What is the serial port , what is the parallel port , what are all
My friend told me if I go to Play N Trade I can trade games and get games back for the same quality ?1Serena Fan2012-07-23 15:30:02
Is that true
I have a friend to do foreign trade waste tailings plant six earned 30w, there is no friend of the industry's credibility could tell me1Sha'Queshia2012-09-01 17:19:09
I'll graduate, would like to know my hometown is Suzhou, manufacturing enterprises are more involved in this line later if possible, there is waste in this line of business model generally have? Ears!
Can someone please give me an outlook on how my male friend sees me?! as more than a friend or not? tyvm!?0Kimberly T.2012-07-29 15:29:02
may call Omar. my friend ... okay 4 weeks ago I had a graduation party. he came. so I started drinking and became very drunk. Not too drunk. The first time I ever chilled out of the store. In fact just rest, and when my mom works in the same turn. read on ........... -He and I walked together embraced everywhere we were joined at the hip. [Not sure if it was cause I was drunk and did not want me to fall or just wanted to be near me?] -I asked him to slow dance, he said yes. I think he said something to love him? I called the SIS. [Work with my mom, who he calls his mom, and my sister calls him, his older brother] -I heard that he smiled a lot. -We walked around the block. GF told me about her. im 18, hes 19, his GF is 28. So I told him about my ex. said he hopes will correct. said her daughter would not trade for nothing. He reached out as if to hold hands? i do not grab ... i shouldve! 'He has my number but still have to call / txt me. 3wks ago txtd him "hey __", said "hey __", said "WYD" never replied.IDK hardly sees his girl so it was not her fault, he does txt other females. that's not the case! -I have the feeling to come near me, space wise. he messes with me more. 'Sometimes we close our eyes, as IDK ... I look at him, looks at me, but then I turn my head lol. -Once he blew a kiss while we were playing, he was hiding, he did nothing. who has seen it. EVERY TIME, my sister and hugs him. but I never embraced that.? about 1.5 WK. It makes my mom said I liked him, she thought she knew lol but now haha. his reaction was "he smiled and said forreal" We txtd to make sure we were still going on, I txtd new this time ... lol and the morning of ... 5 days, for the first time we were alone, we went to college, on our way there lol was very quiet, but once we got up it was much better ... was messin with me and stuff and his gf once mentioned 4 nights ago sprayed the car with water. lol and started smiling. im also Shyy, I can not ask. 2 nights ago that txtd txtd bk :) he calls my mom, mom? Today we spent the day together, I give my sister and mom. the clown and had fun. was seen his gf for a min. and brought a gift .. let me hit him and said ooooh. lol
what does port means?0Tol2012-07-25 12:53:04
what does it mean when suppliers state port eg: shanghai? Do they mean they only ship to shanghai and buyers have to obtain shipping from there?
im looking for real cigarette of new port3Le2012-03-06 18:59:49
I am also looking for real bye Marlboro cigarettes also smoke
destination charges at sea port1Ling Chow2012-08-01 11:10:02
When a shipment LCL reached in Barcelona ( Spain) India's seaport destination based on C & F , which should be the standard of " destination charge " applicable in this consignment in Spain?

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