How to shut 1434 port, known friend told me in detail please

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How to close port 1434 , a friend told me that he knows in detail please
Answer1 night has' dream -Answered at 2012-04-04 04:21:09
Enter the control panel, especially - administrative tool - the safety of this town is the political tempo in the first place, click "start" menu / settings / control panel / administrative tools, double stroke leaves " safety of this town is political "tone", IP security is political, in this town team ", the blank window if the right is the right to attack a mouse, have a quick menu, the choice "is the IP security strategy," the game then give a guide. Click the guide "next" button, the name of the new security strategy, press "Next" to "secure communication requests" image, upload the image of "consent for activation and regulate" the connect left to do this, click "Finish" button founded a new IP security strategy. The rate of second attack right this IP security strategy, either in the "attribute" in the dialog box ", use Add guide" left hook to carry, click Next "add" button adds new regulation, then play piece "new normal property" dialog box, click on the picture "add" button, play an IP address to choose implement list window, in the list, above all "use , add guide "to lead left hook, right click again following" add "button adds new filtration implement. The third rate, enter "choose to apply the attribute" dialog box, which is above all is to find the site, the source address is chosen "none of the IP addresses", the destination address is chosen " my IP address ", click" agreement "option gets stuck in either the" Agreement Type "options to follow in preparing list" UDP "will be the next" port come here "the entry into the text of the housing below "1434", click "affirmatory" button, added TCP 1434 on a screen for (RPC) port attachment filtering, you can connect through port 1434, with the prevention of out of your computer. Click "affirmatory" return back choose to implement the dialog box from the list, you can see a strategy had been added, the leak that has been built above instrument port, click finally "affirmatory" button. The rhythm room, being in the "new regular property" in the dialog box, choosing "new IP address is elected to implement the list," adds to nod in the circle you click the left express the next, which had activationed, finally click "choose to implement the operation" option gets stuck. In "choose to implement the operation" in the option card, "use Add guide "left hook to carry, click" add "button, add" prevention "operation: In the" new attribute to choose to apply the operation "" security measure "in the option card, choosing" prevent "click next" affirmatory "button. Rhythm fifth, enter" new normal property "dialog box, click" new choose implement the operation, "the left circle can be added to assent head, to express had activationed, click "close" button, a dialog box closes, and finally return "attribute of the new IP security strategy" dialog box in the "new IP address is chosen to put in practice the list of "left makes a check mark for" affirmatory "button closes a dialog box. be in" this town is the political security "window, right-click the new IP security attack additive is political, choose the next "map." Restart the computer
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