[Marketing] terminal sales service skills "six pulse Excalibur" The first one: Welcome (unfinished)

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[Marketing ] terminal sales service skills "six pulse Excalibur" , the first: Welcome (unfinished )
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[Marketing] terminal sales service skills "six pulse Excalibur" The first: Welcome (to be), moves Buying Guide Welcome to the error before the malls around the country, except for a dazzling array of color products, the shopping guide is that you can not see the "display", the counter is currently in the decorating department stores are willing to invest large sums of capital, also began to show increasingly concerned about, please display a professional in the shop teacher, the construction has been more and better hardware. Then the software? It means that we store the life Shopping Guide Services do? The need for work, shopping centers frequented by the colors of the country, walk into a store, which in real life "display" shopping guide is a unique landscape guide business customers in the store when there are no colors and types of action, and chat, there are based on the cashier a daze, and there is a clear mirror of hair, a smile Yi men standing at the door, pull there finger nail ... ... a well-known in Shanghai Xujiahui is a small shopping center, walked into a brand of meters, the shopping guide against the cash register, even the shoes are out on your feet dry! I went to see, immediately put his shoes on the way to a "Welcome, casual look," and other guide to shopping mall to see a counter where the cashier, gently pull your hand back to see Inside, I see on the left hand to the phrase, "and take a look as you try it," flashed around left, looking back, she continued to pull your hand back on that. "As an opportunity, you up a lung, ah ......" The kind of training often ask me as a manager, buying guide for students, if you are a visitor entered the store to see the situation is the case, you feel comfortable? He is recognized in the brand? Because the services have access to try to buy? Invariably no, have students answer, even if he wanted to buy, kill a price, the price is right to buy. Ladies and gentlemen, a discount service, this means that the price should be discounted, he is willing to push the customer request a discount? No guests in the section of the store when shopping guide right action is taken, but certainly no more than a service action, a lively guide guests to walk outside to see the eyes of the store that Business is good, business is good real good, since the goods thus unconsciously came, he did his own right, only to see more people, the business very well. Second, online shopping mantra. "No", "No" is a mistake because the shopping guide action, wrong action driven outside guests. Field visits to a service mark of fighting saw a shopping guide idle talk a few, I asked the company, how? They complained that: Wang, ah poor this month, I wonder: Why? They unified answer "no". "No" is the set of a bad deal for China in the directory of store purchases to meet the standard response only. Where people run? Why sell other brands as well? "They have good location," "It's great brands," "They have activities", "products designed for their own good" ... ... Today I'll tell you, people ran to go, why do some people not even come into your store? Because the guests to pass through his shop, had to go, the results showed that: you have nothing to do, and have a chat, you have to pull the toes dry, slippers ... ... invited to use other stores to go! So you keep more of the little people, fewer people shop, shopping guide for more to chat, trance, doing nothing, complaining ... ... so the more people buy less. Fewer people in the store, your business will fall into a vicious circle. Until one day, the malls to find counters that while the Office of the position you want to do a disappointment, and other brand full-year performance to win the contract, which has had to place on the island. More land in the sad days of the island, until one day, the malls to find counter said that the position of a quirk of the brand, its poor performance, to clean the scene of ... ... the brand is what one after another, Ebb Tide. The shopping guide that do not work hard? Do not work hard today, tomorrow, in search of work. They also tend to be more common to see buying guide action is: a shopping guide and the opposite side of the Office of the shopping guide on the island, the two across the aisle to talk, fly saliva, hit the side of saliva from the side, and from the edge beaten here. This does not mean buying guide you can also chat while the reception is not bad, clients come to see, the words "Welcome, just pick and choose casual" and then keep talking ... ... Third, the host: to win the starting point is a welcome concept of brand image in accordance with the requirements of our training to meet the shopping guide customers in the store right before the action is busy, busy stores to improve the guests at the store practically rates. Received before, and we explain below, continue with the following contents. A busy shopping guide at the store when the guests leave. When guests arrive, to enter sales "Shopping Guide and service skills: six pulses Excalibur" chapter. Six pulse Excalibur, a sword invisible, Tian Long Ba Bu rampant in the family of martial arts Dali Duan Tricks sand. This trick is now stored shopping guide services used by clients for the promotion of six Terminal Services Excalibur, one by one and how to begin the next chapter will be presented. Welcome to the fashion industry brand to brand or store, has a vital role, is the mark of the facade, the service image of the window, courtesy of the quality of cleanliness, printing service standards Qiangji first to the guests, customers of the stores to buy apparel industry is extremely important influence on behavior. 1 brand stores must be unified with the characteristics of the fashion industry brand welcome orders of language services, welcome to the unity of language services to better reflect the brand value in the previous section on the case McDonald 's, the guests went into McDonald' s in China, any of a restaurant, I heard the first sentence is "Welcome to McDonald 's", no other languages ​​welcome. At present most of the Chinese brand of fashion industry brand logo in English, very often, I entered the store brand counters the men of the British brand, shopping guide is very warm "Welcome, casual look," a look that did not like the fact store, I heard visitors excited about shopping guide, "Please go slow" and the only regret is that he left the store does not know what which is the mark of men to that end. Buddha, five hundred times Review of pre-existence, only in exchange for this life pass you by. Shopping guide services, she did not know, me and your old life 500 times in the head, so in the past to no avail today. So welcome to the flagship stores of the fashion industry came together to form the required language, but also for brand management. Welcome generally the simplest language, the unit is "Welcome to this or that brand." For example, a few days, some pockets of well-known services brand, called "Say Sangna" logo is "Dissona" through guests can not understand, ah, then guests will be unified in the shop to know that the words of welcome: "Welcome Disang Na" is the phrase of welcome from Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing stores are also welcome in this language, all Chinese Na Disang counters and store brands are also "Welcome to Sang Di Na, "the power of brand communication you have to imagine. Then the wrong language is welcome: "Welcome", "casual look", "just pick choose" which I once heard a "Come and see, take it or leave it, no matter," the ... ... so do not pass the words of welcome in the operation of store-brand brand is wrong. 2, the standard action of the action of welcome, many vendors are moving disagreed that the sales process, "he said," is the most important, how to say. Many of the shopping guide is what is most important. Is this really true? Sharing a game: a highly popular game and training so, I extended a finger, and asked the students here? "It's a few" and "one", all in unison, stretching two fingers and said, "This a few?", "Two", all together, he extended his hand with three fingers and ask, "one plus one equals a few?", "Three", all in unison, and then asked: "one plus one equals a few", "three", most people still call all three. Finally, they laughed out loud, one plus one equals three! ? I asked why? We say we cheated, and I wonder, what is misleading? We respond to three of my fingers deceived us, that hardly listen to my language content. Preface of the book, person to person communication, behavioral research concluded that: the various factors that affect communication, 83% came from visual, auditory, 11%, 3.5% from the sense of smell, 1.5% from the sense of touch, taste and a%. Visual media is the most important factor, which accounts for prior learning, the visual impact of the game. Sales and service shop is also true! The influence of language only 11%, for example ten guests can only hear one word, you said our good quality, customers want to have something to say for sure is good, and does not believe. Action, vision, this is the factor most influential critic. I do not think you can see the following cases: Case: Montblanc service time of action, on the counter before Montblanc, seeing a pen, asked the Shopping Guide can come and watch, shopping guide, said of immediately, you can, please wait for the next. He opened a drawer and pulled out a tray, the tray, a pair of white gloves, who first put the gloves, then took the key to open the bar, hands out of the pen, rub a lot with silk, and then gives me a care to show a little pen, and then opened it for me, began with the characteristics of the pen ... ... I asked how much money? She replied: 1980. Ladies and gentlemen, classrooms, so they often ask the students if you sell the pen buying guide what action it will show me the pen, right? In the coastal city, the participants left handed me a pen with both hands on the continent, often also students give me a single clutch began to write, and then asked the students present, do you think it's worth the pen? The dog with a feather pen hand delivery, we can say 2 million, the delivery of the pen with both hands, he said 10. Must have the problem for a long time, we have been clear, the action is important. "Said" In fact, the process of service in stores are the main customers of the most important factor is the vision, all guests have seen, then the process of buying guide services, is the action guide purchases. Welcome back to the action of buying guide, welcome to the standard action, there are two standing for selection: "Eight Steps" standing physical character, standing outside of the feet, hands naturally cross in the abdomen before the face with a pleasant light, slight smile, his calm tone and clear words of welcome, and let out! If some women character-by-step shopping guide legs can not be together, you can use "T-step": standing, body, feet of natural cross-hand T-Station, slightly tucked in the belly before affinity with, gently smiling, calm tone, words of welcome of course, and let out! Shopping Guide action is necessary on weekdays welcome exercise, you will realize that the beauty salon in the morning the streets and before going to work, employees gather in front of their shops, but also a dance of welcome is the exercise, the result of competition is the competition service. In the normal, two methods for all, first invited to work for themselves in the mirror, to correct ourselves; The second method is practiced in the front of the shopping guide two, mutual correction, time too long, every day, 5 minutes, including 1 minute, just to join. I often ask those in the students, "You can do it?", "Can!" Answered all with one voice "to join it?", "Can!" In unison. In fact, my mind was thinking, that really you? Ladies and gentlemen, I ask of exercise every day, please raise your hands look. Generally, very few, so that does not mean to do, insist, insist on simple movements repeatedly, the custom is to win! This post has been edited on 20/06/2007 11:47:31 supered
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