Identification of the type and quality of skin

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Identification of the type and quality of the skin
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First, the pig 1, pig smooth and regular pork soft pigskin through different leather production for the first layer of the surface color of the skin and then paste, common pig smooth, shiny surface , the pores are willing there are rules, usually for a group of three triangular shape of the pores, according to the different regions and different pig smooth tanning process is also different in quality, not as detailed, relatively good soft fine-grained pork soft. Since the process of continuous improvement of leather, and can now be processed in a lot of varieties of pork skin soft. Effect distressed, distressed effect is mainly boring, a little skin in poor condition may also have some dark patterns. Relief effect, relief effect is the pressure at the surface of the strip of skin, blood pattern as muscle, embossed effect, which can sometimes be a bit like the effect of coarse surface of leather, leather but are essentially different. Litchi is characterized by a soft pass Bipu Pi coarser and coarser. Effect of a thin layer, the surface of the skin, but not directly on the layer of mixture of different colors, soft glow darker than usual, which smooth the skin feel better than normal, but not in our hands, sagging skin feel. Results washing, washing of the effects of the thin layer is also brilliant, not a big difference between a gentle stream, the difference is more than common soft smooth feel. You can use water to clean the stains from clothing. Polished leather, the leather surface and color of different floor in the finished product after the appearance of the garment with sand paper or other material in the place you need to clean the counter, leaving her clothes in other more fashion style. 2, pig suede floor general in the first layer of skin around it is the opposite of the first layer formed after processing. Surface suede short coat, thin surface of the pile and particularly strong sense of the direction of mercerized. Sometimes we see a small part of the pores. The washing of the first layer of buckskin, chamois skin is feeling better than usual, more flexible than with regular and vertically. Modification of the first layer of suede, leather is leather that modification of the positive aspects of the transformation or modification leather anyway. It can be done in print, foil and film and other varieties. Printing is usually light in the front side of the transformation in different patterns. Film velvet side to pasta with a layer of film, and this with a layer of special light is more of a fashion leather, but its drawback is that the permeability is not good. Cashmere Leather on a roll film on the side of a layer of oil from the mixture of three types of raw material. It can be processed in film effects distressed leather, folded or flattened at the meeting, there will be some unusual colors shallowing India. 3, pig suede double-decker double-decker pig suede leather with the first layer are fundamentally different, is the first Suede layer thicker than some, and you can see the triangle in the pores of the pigskin. The flexibility and tensile strength much better than the first layer of the opening of suede, much smaller than the first layer. Suede flat with the first layer also can be processed into cloth, like a lot of different types of modified skin, to the second floor of the price, without significantly cheaper grades of clothing. Therefore, it is rarely used in domestic sales of affection. Second, a sheep, sheepskin, sheepskin is characterized by a plate of thin, feels soft and smooth and delicate, small pores, fairly irregular, Chengbian round. Sheepskin leather clothing is skin the degree compared to the raw materials. Now it has broken the skin of sheep in a traditional style and transformed into relief printing washable, and many different types of styles. 2, the structure of mountain sheep sheepskin mountain sheep a little strong force, traction so good that sheepskin, thick skin, because the surface of the skin of sheep sheepskin that use . The difference with the sheepskin, goat skin layer of coarse-grained, soft, not as sheepskin, sheep skin may feel a little less. Now you can do a lot of different styles of goat leather, washable distressed leather, and this can be washed uncoated directly into the water, does not wear out and contraction is very small. Skin wax film, this skin is rolled over the surface of the skin layer of wax oil, the collapse or deformation in the face of the skin, the lighter the color normal folding of some Indians. Third, because the leather skin can reach a certain thickness and resistance, which is mainly used for leather goods and shoes a little more. Skin is characterized by small pores, evenly distributed near the surface, leather, fur plate skin more than any other company, you feel strong and rich and flexible. More varieties of leather leather clothing, leather processing present in different styles of leather like the skin of pig and sheep are not many varieties. The cow is also used in clothing, but clothing is generally used to split the cow, which is the difference between the second floor with a pig: fiber suede is more difficult, but not the pores. Cow leather division is mainly used for leather goods, which is processed in the cow in the glossy effect or just imitation, in this work on the identification of some difficulty. Clothing fourth, leather skin of its use can be divided into two categories: one for the purpose of keeping warm is to use the hair to the clothes; The main purpose is to decorate the outside of hair to wear skin (also known as chamois leather garments). 1, skin leather fox silver fox hair is characterized by a relatively long hair, usually with 7-9cm, hair pin and rough cut the other fox skin, shiny hair surface. This is the true nature of the gray and black. Blue Fox capillary and homogeneous, glossy surface and long hair silver fox hair is short, usually 5-6cm, Blue Fox's character is white, the set is generally used for dyeing clothes. Red fox and blue fox hair characteristics similar, but slightly longer than the red fox, full color is red and gray, second-hand clothes will not stain. 2, goat skin leather and goat skin leather relatively thin skin and less hair loss, hair pin direction is not completely smooth and rough side full of goatskin leather positive skin can be suede, spray, printing and roll effects of different patterns. Goat skins can be dyed different colors needed. 3, white rabbit fur skinned five feet Maotu Maotu velvet skin can be dyed various colors required. Yellow rabbit, rabbit yellow grass needle grass a little longer, clothes in general, with his character. Rex is soft and fine, soft and delicate, difficult hair loss than any other rabbit, rex rabbit fur in the rabbit is the best type. Mao Guangze Diaoqiu water mink fur leather leather are better than others, special soft touch, is to throw more difficult.
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