Lifan SUV Analysis

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The first SUV SUVs Lifan Lifan Lifan is based on the improvement of 620 on a first come, body length is 4325mm, 1790mm wide and 1666mm high, 2605mm wheelbase, chassis, independent front suspension uses MacPherson and not independent rear suspension arm drag. Power transmission system and 1.6 liter 620 engine and transmission use 5-speed manual, now I understand that this SUV will not join the system of four-wheel drive. Lifan SUV of sludge from the standpoint of design, Lifan SUV body on the side of the waist and prominent signs of the inward depression in an attempt to show a sense of strength of the SUVs, the steps of wheel are convex, which makes the fuller body side visual effects. Lifan SUV from the rear point of view of the design, type design brings the spare tire, but chose to end Tibetan-style spare tire. At the same time to open the trunk to the tailgate open top and bottom instead of left and right open Tiggo. And the front than the first, at the end of the Lifan SUV line seems relatively simple. Not too many lines after the transition from defense, but two against the cursor, the lower lip also used different colors and body design. Furthermore, under license rear of the truck above Lifan, and a chrome finish. Lifan SUV shape of the tail light and Subaru Forester groups is similar to people, but the reverse lamp shade is very large, white, and irregular trapezoid. And the prototype compared to the rear windshield Lifan SUV is a large viewing area, but also with independent rear wiper. Also in the van Lifan joined the aerodynamic brake light, can effectively improve the recognition rate after the car. The black roof rack, while also expressed as Lifan SUV SUV versatility, but the trunk above the general function of decorative functionality. Good post, spoke in support of a lot of ah
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Good post, spoke in support of a lot of ah
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