Acceptance of home decoration "Eight Raiders"

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Acceptance of home decor " Raiders Ocho"
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Home decor home quality improvement, the late acceptance into five areas 1, water supply, drainage pipes acceptance criteria for the installation: pipes, pipe fittings must meet quality standards, installation of the valve must be correct, the change must be flexible, by passing the water pressure test, all pipes, valves, doors, joints must be no leakage, water leakage. 2, the acceptance criteria of electrical engineering: GFCI installed correctly, use the normal electrical appliances, equipment installation must be firmly fixed, flat, test power, test facilities and lighting control with good light , switches, sockets, terminal devices, such as the appearance of intact, isolation and crack-free device, the installation company, Ping Zheng, compliance with the installation, the parallel installation of switches, sockets, safe terminal of the bias, hidden switches, sockets, terminal panel, the necessary space around the box, the right weak to full system functionality to meet the requirements, installation equipment firm, Ping Zheng . 3, wall paper acceptance criteria for projects: the completion of wall paper and dried prior to acceptance, acceptance, check the variety of materials, colors, patterns, compliance with design requirements, paper painting, wall covering must be attached to a solid surface, the same color, not a bubble, pitting, cracks, creases and stains, no glue marks when strabismus, the mirror surface line smooth, free and low ripple, wallpaper , knitting and hanging wall, Ding Jiaoxian, side plates, baseboards, paneling accounts, curtain box that hangs immediately after, at a distance of 1.5 meters, no significant differences visuals, smooth vertical and horizontal pieces tile, mosaic pattern, pattern matching, separated from the seam, no overlap, the yin and yang, the vertical angle, angular, smooth around the corner in the light of Yin, Yang perfect corner, wallpaper , fabric wall straight edge and orderly, not a hair of paper, spine flight unstained pulp, subsidies and delamination. 4, the acceptance criteria floral project: production of flowers and dried prior to acceptance, acceptance of floral works, check the floral varieties, specifications, the design meets the requirements of design, floral, must be installed safely, and quality requirements and tolerances, must be consistent: All horizontal and vertical tolerance of flowers, long lasting not more than 3 mm, single position tolerance of flowers, no more than 10 mm, the surface must be smooth floral pattern clear, seals, no cracks, deformation and lack of defects, such as the outside edge angle, the surface should be smooth pattern Biaohua, clear, no cracks. 1 | 2 Next (total of 2 pages)
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