1 sale to negotiate on that occasion?

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[Face = Arial _GB2312] as many day and night, numerous night as day. [/ Face] four-year career in the marketing of alcohol, the 18 words above are my most authentic portrait. Transactions at different times at different speeds, the rotation is different, the size of the client treatment are different. I remember the summer of 2002, when the telephone in the middle, about 20 million in business, bond with each phone call lasting 1,000 hours, according to the number of days to calculate, there are 12 months of 40 days , no day, no night call. The cost of which can be imagined. Customer shall not use the first opportunity for you to suggest a second printing, then for the first time to promote the business by telephone, after a year, the phone became my constant companion. Step by step to the position, the amount of alcohol is gradually increasing, the last for some time the office moved to a national style restaurant, reception or vice versa customers. As if every day feels like a dream of life, when a minister of public relations 2 months in Jiuzhuo not know how many people in the crowd, I do not know how many people experience the "Prairie three glasses of wine." People in different ways in different reception, and some people like things after finishing the Jiuzhuo, some clients, in a peaceful setting in the contract, but also in the hotel, after friendly consultations in the transaction, every time that the reception is like, "If the oil spring" all the time in Jiuzhuo as "the land where foreign creditors," a people of different words have different changes. I changed their place of business in four stages: 1. Transactions on the phone 2. Jiuzhuo transaction 3. Tea transaction 4. The hotel has an agreement with each stage, the different needs of different customer groups are also different. How important is look at the view. I spent more than one way to cope. You? Episode: some time ago received a customer, and the other two, then came the third time I described the other side of the picture of me, I tell you with glasses, smokes a pack a day is probably about half of cigarettes, which usually wore suits, some black leather and the other for a hearing, surprised, and asked how do I know I said this is the usual accumulation. Why do you think of the glasses: From their conversation, you have learned, you're reading a lot, no doubt with glasses. Why is wearing a suit: Knowledgeable people are usually focused image, and over 80% wore suits. Why is smoking: nonsmokers and smokers in particular, on the phone can be heard, if you talk to each other in 15 minutes, you may need to smoke, smokers who are called, by the hand, where took the cigarette, speaking on heavy. Why is his dark skin: 85% of them are certainly as long as the skin, black smoke, as they say that men usually do not make, some are white. Why do I say this, said Mr Butt, know too, I like to cooperate with you that tomorrow, after signing to play the last paragraph. The world most people, the greater the chance of success whatsoever.
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Does your business for the first time on what occasion , what kind of experience ? Everyone gets together to talk about it!
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