Secret home improvement renovation process supervision

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Secrecy renewal of the improved monitoring process
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Related: What is the supervision of home improvement? What is the Commissioner of the High Commissioner for home improvements? The complete monitoring process is like? We need to develop clear. A supervision contract signed, secondly, the audit firm decoration: decoration audit of the company business license, certificate of training, business location, the design qualification documents. The design of the review: the design meets the Ministry of Construction, Municipal Construction Committee, the Municipal Association of the relevant provisions of the teams, including the structure Chaigai, water, electricity, gas and other lines as the transformation . The drawings are complete as possible. Fourth, review the contract, if the contract with the family of his home in Beijing construction contract for the decoration project is complete and correctly filled, compliance with purchase agreement price is assembled decoration market guide published, all technology if it is clearly marked, the use of the mark have detailed material description specifications, both parties Zequan Li is fair and reasonable. Fifth, review the construction of qualifications: construction workers if they have the right skills: some are special operator certificates jobs (foreman, electrician, etc.) VI materials, review of the test companies decoration to buy the supervision of the practice used in accordance with national industry standards and certified factory, the provinces Zhunyongzheng decoration materials, equipment and accessories, eliminating the use of counterfeit and shoddy. VII, review the construction process: whether the Ministry of Construction, the construction process, the City Construction Committee, Municipal Association installed on the provisions of the decoration, decoration ensures the quality and duration to achieve the desired the desired results. 1 | 2 Next (total of 2 pages)
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