Types of commercial

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Types of commercial
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The type of business training in the business district of the location of the store also will have an impact, a store in the mall of the formation of different ways with different strengths and weaknesses. The formation of business in three ways: (1) store of exclusive shops, independent store is a store, do not set the next stage with the other competitors. The advantage of these stores without competition, lower rent, sell low-cost, high visibility, have a choice and scale of potential. Of course, it also has its own shortcomings, he said that if the size of the shop is not large enough, the distance is not easy to attract customers, small businesses. There is a kind of formats of retailing, it does not want to focus on curtains stores such as supermarkets and warehouses. These stores operate full range of products, low prices, customers "one stop shopping" to buy larger, more parking spaces required to satisfy buyers. Most of these formats regardless of location, located in urban-rural practice, large supermarkets and bonded warehouses, because the range of products, low prices, with great ability to take the initiative to attract customers, not in passenger traffic in many places, but the store with high visibility, such customers are willing to go to specialty stores. (2) The planned shopping mall, which is the result of careful planning and design management centralized store base, usually a real estate company in advance planning and design, completion building and then rent or sell to stores to retail businesses. This shopping center before the planned comprehensive facilities and even a large parking lot, in addition to the design of shopping centers, but also includes restaurants, fast food shops, post offices, banks and some shops entertainment, and left for the family. Today, western countries due to migration of population to the suburbs, the development of shopping centers increasingly prosperous suburb. (3) the natural formation of business centers is the unplanned nature of the business center developed as the urban city center in general or specialty store such as a higher concentration of a street. This store can be effected by business groups to attract customers more distant, but the start-up costs are generally higher, the new store is hard to find, this bustling commercial area is the preferred direction of the great stores or specialty shops. Today, in Western countries, due to congestion of downtown traffic, parking problems, air pollution and increased rates of crime and other reasons, and many residents moved to the suburbs to live in the city center there is a growing enthusiasm for opening new stores downtrend. Advantages: You can expand the business with the effects of store group, accessibility, facilities, success is high. The shortcomings are: the high cost of implementation, traffic congestion, parking difficulties, the new store is hard to find, and little potential for expansion.
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